Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have you ever totally embarrassed yourself in front of your boyfriend's family?

I have. Oh you KNOW I have. Right now I'm in London spending some time with Luke's family, and it made me think about the last time I was here. We were at Luke's grandparents for a cookout and I wore this Calypso dress.

I thought this was a nice choice for a family function—not too trendy, but just stylish enough. I was in the backyard talking to Luke's uncles and grandfather when a huge gush of wind came and blew my dress up to my ears. Up. to. my. EARS. Even as I tried to hold the dress down, it was fighting to fly back up. I jumped behind Luke as the men just stared at me with their jaws on the floor. It was sooo embarrassing. I tried to play it off by saying, "I guess this is the perfect time for a beer!" It took me a good 30 minutes to get over the fact that Luke's grandfather saw my undies. They weren't even cute undies, but maybe it would have been more embarrassing if I had been rockin' a lacy thong? I don't know. 

I need to make a better impression on Luke's family this time around. Especially his grandfather. I can never ever understand what is coming out of his mouth—his Irish accent is so thick. Whenever he talks I'm always like, "What, I'm sorry, what did you say?" "Huh?" Or, I just keep my mouth shut, and smile like an idiot. 

Say a prayer that I survive the day without any embarrassing moments! Can anyone else feel my pain? Any embarrasssing moments to share today??

Luke's grandfather has seen me in my panties. Or, my knickers, depending on where you live. 

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