Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pay Day

Every day around 1:30pm I walk down the four flights of stairs to my mailbox with as much anticipation as a five year-old on Christmas morning. Will today be the day I get a paycheck in the mail? Nothing about freelancing is predictable—the check could come early, or two weeks late—it comes when it comes and it's usually not at the times I need it most. But yesterday, instead of opening a mailbox full of bills and Crate and Barrel catalogs, I had a mailbox full of bills, Crate and Barrell catalogs AND a paycheck! 

Before I even finished opening the envelope, I had already made a mental list of all the things I would now be able to do:

-Buy Luke a birthday present (something in the form of a nice dinner and a gift, instead of an "IOU" booklet that promises back rubs and home cooked meals) 
-Get a haircut
-Take my dirty clothes to the laundry (Phew, I'm on my last pair of granny panties!)
-Buy groceries
-Pick up meds at the pharmacy
-Pay the cable bill

If I have anything left over I might:

-*Gasp* get a mani/pedi
-Go back and buy that $40 American Apparel shirt dress I put back on the rack the other week (or a few new basic tees)
-Buy a straw fedora (I've been wanting one all summer, and I need it for my vacation next week!)

As much as I hate being broke, it's kind of nice that I can appreciate things like groceries and manicures so much more than I used to. I cannot WAIT to hit up the grocery store today! What do you spend your money on when you have a little extra cash?


  1. haha made me laugh when i read granny panties lol; well congrats on the paycheck *hugs* ;)

  2. This is really unexciting - if I get some extra money I pay down my credit card debt. Or I buy a new pair of pumps from Loehman's. Yeah, that is more exciting.
    Shannon Shipley

    Enjoying the blog. I check when I have down time at work.

  3. Hi Shannon! So glad you're enjoying the blog. Ohh Loehman's...I've been wanting to go there—just found one in NYC! I never have the patience to scour the racks, but so many of my friends find the cutest things and best deals, I need to make the trip.

    Btw, will you be at the reunion in October?? I am going to try my best to make all depends on whether I can come up with the $$$ to fly home!!

  4. I work at a business casual law firm, but when I got to court I need suits, so a discount store like Loehman's is clutch for me. Typically Tahari suits are about $100 or so. I usually load up my arms with stuff, brave the "open" change room (a room of mirrors with hooks on the walls - hello strangers in their undies) and walk out with great deals.

    I have purchased my plane ticket and booked a hotel room for the weekend of the reunion! I haven't been back to Lexington since the summer of 2003 (my family lives in Athens, Ga just 70 miles from me in Atlanta), so I am all kinds of nervous/excited about the reunion. Good luck finding cheap tickets!

  5. $100 Tahari suits, that's awesome!!! Yes, fingers crossed that I can make it back to the reunion—I really want to come!