Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hola from Malaga!

Hey everyone, just checking in to say Hi before I head off for a run by the beach! Last night was a bit more tame for me, but I can´t say the same for the rest of the group. I woke up at 9am this morning to find five guys and one girl (way to represent, Orla!) still awake from the night before, throwing back beers and pumping their fists to Dizzee Rascal blaring on the iPod. It was a hilarious sight--I couldn´t help but to crack open a bottle of San Miguel and join in on the fun. We later found out that we´ve already had two noise complaints--one at 4am and another at 8:30am--Oops!

The guys had their bachelor party last night, and from the sounds of it, I think they closely reenacted scenes from The Hangover. One of the groomsmen got punched in the face and is rockin´a serious purple and blue shiner at the moment. Hmm, I´m not sure how excited the bride will be to see that!

Alright, I´m going to squeeze in a little exercise before we get our night started. If anyone can help me with the rules for Circle of Death, I´d really appreciate it! Otherwise, I´ll have to make them up!



  1. Elle! So glad you are having such an amazing time! I laughed hysterically remembering Cirle of Death -- oh our Charleston apartment days!

    I don't remember which cards are which but where do these fit -- Never have I ever (yikes!), Rules (make up a rule and everyone must follow -- thumb rule, etc.), and Social (everyone drinks)? Do those sound familiar or am I confusing games?

    That was a fun mental break. Glad we're not too old to remember these classic rules. I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night, but I remember these. Oh my!


  2. I thought the game was called, "A-hole". At least it was at UGA. or was it "Kings"? I can't even remember the name, let alone what the rules are. Just make them up - those Limey Fools won't know that you created your own version.

  3. Haha, that made me LOL Shannon. Limey fools is right! We haven´t played the game yet, but I think it´s on the agenda for tonight. Asshole is a different game..I could never remember those rules. And thanks Alison, I totally forgot about those rules..."I Never" is a bit scary with a group of people you don´t know well, but it is a good icebreaker!!