Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Hollywood Workout

I'm getting ready to do my Physique57 workout video. It's probably one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, and it never gets easier no matter how many times I do it! Supermodels like Christy Turlington go to Physique57 classes in NYC on the regular, and Kelly Ripa lives for it. I've heard she does it at least four times a week—um, have you seen her bikini body? The workout is great for sculpting and lengthening your muscles, which is exactly what I need. There's one set of moves for your inner thighs that is done with a playground ball—it's so hard, you'll want to throw your DVD player against the wall and smash it into tiny pieces 30 seconds in. It hurts. But, it's worth it. My friend Erin is a Physique57 instructor and her body is sick (she's the cute blonde in the video on the left!)—perfectly sculpted arms, rock hard abs, insanely perky ass—if she wasn't so darn nice, I'd totally hate her. (JK, Erin!)

After the video, I'm going for a run across the Williamsburg bridge. A few months ago, Luke passed Joshua Jackson (aka "Pacey" from Dawson's Creek) on the bridge, and he swears he gave him a little head nod. I was so jealous. I've been keeping my eyes peeled every time I run it, but no Pacey sightings yet!
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What awesome workouts have you been doing this summer? Please share—I need to start mixing mine up a bit more!


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  2. Ive tried doing the playground ball once, it does hurt so bad, so i passed lol; I so envy your determination Ellen! I wave my white flag as soon as I start feeling pain, then I lie down and take a break which will turn into the end of my whole session lol

    anyway, if you want to get really great curves, liek your waistline, I used to do exercises on this little thing we call a twister, and it really gives you form. I havent done it for ages now lol

  3. O, try putting the playground ball in between your legs and slowly wiggling your butt all the way to the floor, and the slowly wiggling it back up. Over and over again. Trust me, you will feel the burn!

  4. as i sit here lazily in my bed, i think you may have just convinced me to try this workout. I have been looking for something that is challenging but exciting and isn't just the dole drum boring stuff you see everyday. I am gonna order the dvds and let ya know how it goes for me.

    by the way: the blog is fabulous. Hope it takes off and if there is anything i can do to help get the word out on your blog let me know.

  5. Hey Ashley! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog. I can't tell you how much one comment like that REALLY makes my day. I know a few people have put the link on their Facebook pages, if you want to do that? Totally up to you. The more readers the better--I LOVE the interaction!!

    And yes, definitely try the DVDs. It's a great workout to throw into your everyday mix. Do it a couple times a week and watch your ass lift right before your eyes! hehe :)

  6. Ha, we featured Mark Consuelos in the magazine and he was talking about how he went with his wife to one of her classes, thinking since he was all macho and manly it wouldn't be tough at all.

    But after the hour long workout he said he ended up in the parking lot, dazed, having misplaced his car keys because he was so out of it after that class.

  7. Rain, that's too funny! Yeah, when Luke caught me doing the video yesterday, he said, "Your leg is supposed to be higher." Umm, thanks, Luke! I was thinking, Riiight, I'd like to see YOU do this!!