Saturday, August 15, 2009

What fall fashions are you coveting?

So even though I didn't get anything off my wish list this summer, it's not stopping me from making a new list for the fall. Here it is:

-A navy blazer (goes with everything, always looks chic)
-A fitted denim jacket
-A button-down denim shirt (find out exactly how to wear denim from Liza's shoot in the October issue of Women's Health!)
-Calf-high motorcycle boots
-These ZARA shoes:

OK, so these shoes aren't exactly a necessity, but I kind of love them. They have a Rihanna-esque feel, no? Oh, I also want a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. The whole nerdy-chic look is very in right now. I'm not sure if I can pull it off though. My friend got an awesome pair at Aldo, but of course when I went to get them they were totally sold out. Hmm, maybe Claire's will have a similar style?? (I haven't been in that store since I was 12, but you never know!) 

What's on your fall fashion wish list? If you're not sure yet, get some ideas from this fall fashion slideshow feature I did for here!

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  1. i want a really good pair of boots :) and some black tights so I can still wear my summer dresses during fall. I think a nice sweater would be cool too, something that spells feminine but with a touch of coolness as i think sweaters have a tendecy of looking too boring :D and oh, a scarf! oohhh ive never worn one ever lol ^_^ so I will have to look a few that would have a really nice fabric :)