Friday, August 21, 2009

Viva Espana!

Well guys, I'm heading off to the airport! Luke and I will be in London for a few days visiting his family, and then we're off to Spain for a week! Don't worry though, I have new daily posts already set for the next ten days, and if I do happen to have any internet access, I'll fill you in on my travels. I have a feeling there won't be a lack of funny stories to share!

I feel OK about my packing. I usually go waaay overboard, but I kept it in check this time. Kinda.

Luke has asked me twenty times today already if I have packed my passport. When we first met, not only had I not ever been out of the country, but I didn't even own a passport! 

Adios readers! Don't forget about me while I'm gone—I'd still love to have your comments. Comments MAKE my day :)

Does anyone else have any fun trips planned before summer is officially over??


  1. Ellen! Have a great time! Sadly I have no more fun trips planned for summer. Live it up in Spain and England for me! xoxo

  2. oohhh im excited for you! Do take lots and lots of photos! Can't wait to read about your trip lol

    It kinda made me smile when I saw your 5 pairs of shoes packed lol I can very much relate on the overpacking lol i always end up packing 2 weeks worth of clothing for a 3 day trip haha ^_^

    No summer vacay for me though..but most probably around fall i get to fly to the country so that's exciting! ^_^

  3. Spain is the best! Have so much fun!

  4. Thanks, Sara! Where in Spain have you been??