Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best. Lunch. Ever.

So after having three meltdowns all before 10am ("I can't, can't doooo this anymore. I have no, no moooneeey..." you know the rest), I remembered that Liza owed me a little cash. So I ran the 45 blocks to her office to collect—fanny pack and all.

I never thought I'd be running around NYC with a fanny pack on—to a magazine publishing building no less—but sometimes you have to make a fashion faux pas to get the job done. I've been eating half a bagel with peanut butter and Kashi granola on top and an apple for lunch for the past four days. I just couldn't make this day number five, so I stopped into a make-your-own salad place. I was sweaty from the run and as I scooped the romaine into my bowl, sweat started rolling down my hand. Grossss. I tried to ignore it, but I'm pretty sure the girl behind me noticed. I quickly wiped the sweat from my hand and moved onto to the chickpeas. Mmm, my favorite. AGAIN, sweat comes inching down my arm. And again I try to ignore it until I can nonchalantly wipe it off. If I had been the girl behind me, I know for a fact I would have been pissed as hell and loudly huffing and puffing. (OK, I probably would have just been standing there quietly thinking mean thoughts, but still...) I digress.

As I moved onto the cucumbers, onions, green peppers, carrots, corn, walnuts, my mood started to escalate (small things like salads make me happy these days). I have been totally craving some fresh, tasty veggies. When I got to the salad dressing counter, I saw a sign that said "Complimentary soup with any salad." Jigga whaaat? Complimentary Kleenex would make me happy, but complimentary SOUP? Am I being Punk'd? That put me on a level of excitement you just can't comprehend. When I got to the soup counter, I way too excitedly chirped, "So I really get a complimentary soup?!" The lady behind the counter looked at me with dead eyes and said "yes." Ok, right...now what type of soup do I want?! After carefully considering all my options, I chose the barley vegetable. (I ate barley for the first time a few weeks ago and thought it was the most delicious thing I had ever eaten. Is it as healthy as it sounds?? I need to look into that!)

I went from the saddest girl in the Big Apple to the happiest, all in a matter of minutes. When I passed the Diet Cokes, I couldn't help but get one (even though I've had one the last two days, eek). My fabulous meal came out to $9, but I decided to save the soup to be reheated for lunch tomorrow. So really, lunch was $4.50—not bad.

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Have you ever gotten this excited about something so small? How was your lunch today? (Please share, I love knowing what other people are eating! Weird, I know.)


  1. Ohhhh yes yes yes barley is healthy: The beta-glucans in the grain help lower levels of bad cholesterol and they also activate immunity cells, called macrophages, that fight off illness.

    Gosh, my stint as a health editor really seems to have paid off! And I agree, salad bars filled with fresh looking veggies are soooo wonderful.

  2. WOW, thanks, Rain!! Very impressive...I'll know who to go to next time I have food/health Qs ;)

  3. That's actually a cool bumbag, where'd it come from?

  4. Bumbag? Is that what the Brits call 'em? Well, like pretty much everything else I wear, it actually came from Liza's side of the closet, but the brand is Nathan.

  5. ha, i so love your blog Ellen, i couldnt help laughing about the girl beside you and all lol

    Forgive my being foreign but a fanny pack was one of things I've wondered about :) We call it belt bag here :)

    anyway, that's a really healthy meal, makes me think of eating veggies after seein your photo :)

  6. Thanks, Odessa! Belt bag...I think I like that term the best!

  7. There was actually a time, i think around '07 that the belt bag became a trend. They cam in really cute sizes and colors, very fashionable but unfortunately it was one of those fashion statements that doesn't seem to fit everybody lol. For those who are blessed with curves( ^_^ ) there's just no need to accentuate the obvious hehehe so i had to pass lol but the trend was short-lived :P

  8. I can soooo relate! I am so sick of having no money since I have no job-working for my Mom but that is just enough to pay the bills-I get SO excited about stuff like this. I am so glad someone is going through the same thing. I too have bought like 1 new article of clothing this summer. I HATE having no extra money! Sara Borg

  9. Glad someone can share my pain, Sara! Us unemployed folk need to stick together :) I'm sure you'll land on your feet soon. Use this time to take chances (you have nothing to lose!), and really think about what it is you want to do. GOOD LUCK!