Monday, August 31, 2009

What's the most random word you know?

One time I was reading a book and the author used the word "rubicund" like twenty times. After the third time, I was like, OK, enough I must look this word up. Here's the definition from Merriam Webster's online dictionary:

  • Main Entry: ru·bi·cund 
  • Pronunciation: \ˈrü-bi-(ˌ)kənd\
  • Function: adjective
  • Etymology: Middle English rubicunde, from Latin rubicundus, from rubēre to be red; akin to Latinrubeus

Right. Rubicund means red. I suppose now that I think about it, it does make quite a bit of sense. Isn't a rhubarb plant red in color? I guess I'm just confused as to why anyone would use the word rubicund instead of red. I've known the meaning of this word for a while now and it hasn't even crossed my mind to use it once, or to even try to. Is that what people do? Do they look  for opportunities to showcase what's in their vocab repertoire? Actually, I admit, I do this on occasion—it helps me remember the meaning of a new word I've learned. But rubicund? I will never understand that one. 

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What random/fancy words do you like to use?


  1. lexicon and eponymous

    snooty, I know.

  2. I actually knew what eponymous meant...shocking!!!