Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are you ready for this? I got a mani/pedi today!!!

It would have been pretty sweet to have waited until my 100th day anniversary (today is my 90th) without a mani/pedi, but since I am leaving for Spain tomorrow and don't want to embarrass Luke in front of his friends with my gnarly nails and foot calluses, I gave in. 

 I go to Jin Nails on the Upper East Side. The closer I came toward that sign that says "NAIL" (not sure why there's no S on the end, but whateves), the happier I got. 

I thought the sign outside was funny. Inflation's a bitch, isn't it? The mani/pedi special went from $22 to $25 to now $26.50. I'm not complaining though—it's still a pretty good deal. 

I've stayed loyal to Jin for the past two years, but when I walked in, everyone gave me a hard time by saying "Ohhh, she must have been going somewhere else to get her nails done all this time!" I love the women that work there—they are so cute and fun. I was lucky enough to get my favorite girl, Vivaldi. Sometimes she gives me mini tutorials in Spanish—I want to be fluent one day! Anyyyway, after much thought on what color of polish to choose, I went with Essie's Jelly Apple, one of my favorites.

Vivaldi must have felt sorry for me because she gave me a hot stone foot message for FREE. I was in heaven! Whattaya think? Not bad, right? Well I guess anything is better than this. Eek!

What are your favorite nail polish colors? When do you switch over from the summer to fall shades??


  1. aww, that was sweet of her... i love the color ^_^ for 3 weeks ok, maybe 4 ive had neon red nail polish..ok don't get freaked out about the NEON 1st lol, but they actually looked cute :) A nice bright red color, reminds me of apples lol ive never worn red nail polish not until a month ago, i usually (if not ALWAYS) wear pink :D but im loving the red!! It feels liberating lol

  2. O, I'm with ya on the neon—I LOVE it. Last summer I only wore neon—pink, orange, yellow, blue—everything! I probably would have done it again this summer if I was getting manicures on the regular :)

    I usually go for navy or red in the fall...wonder what other colors I should try to mix it up??

  3. love essie mademioselle and ballet slippers. also like opi cajun shrimp. i also look to channel for nail color trends. xoxo, renee

  4. soft metallic hues can be classy too, i like something gold that's a lil bit towards the lighter version. Think serena van der woodsen nails on some of the episodes lol i love how they look! I also like neutral colors, they look pleasant to the eyes ^_^

    There was one time i had my nails done and saw this woman who had hers done in different colors, it looked fun but it's something i'd do for just a day lol and if i was just going to the beach ^_^