Friday, August 21, 2009

Ellen: 1, Tasti-D-Lite: 0

As I rushed around Duane Reade today picking up travel size bottles of Salon Selectives and enough magazines to keep me occupied during an 8-hour flight, I got a major sweet tooth. Major. At the checkout counter, I bought a pack of Trident gum in hopes that it would curb my craving. So I popped two pieces in mouth, but of course I still wasn't satisfied. Tasti-D-Lite is only a block away I thought. So I walked to TD with a plan to get just a teeny tiny cup of chocolate and vanilla swirl.

I walked into the store and surveyed the flavors of the day. Ohh, Coffee Toffee my favorite. And then it happened. I walked out of the store...EMPTY HANDED!!! (I'll just picture each one of you chanting my name and putting up your hand for a high five right now!) I must say, it felt pretty good saying no to TD—for once

Hopefully the next time I get the late night munchies, I'll remember this moment. Tell me, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt?

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