Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Fashion Dilemma: FnF Experts To The Rescue!

A FnF reader, Odessa, wrote in to my FnF fashion team for fall fashion outfit ideas. She's from the Philippennes (a big shout out to my Filipino readers!), and will be visiting the States for a few months. Here's what she said: 

We only have dry and rain season here, so any time of the year I can just wear a dress or even a tank top without worrying much about the weather. So my dilemma is: What IS it I'm supposed to wear for the fall season? I need advice on specific pieces that will look casual but cute. I really like wearing dresses most of the time, so how can I can still wear them in cooler weather? I also want to learn the art of layering clothing!

Liza's take on layering: Here's layering at it's finest from the Fall/Winter Dsquared show. It's a little over-the-top, but great for inspiration! Wearing layers not only keeps you warm, but it can be super chic, too!

Super fine sweaters are great for layering, especially if they're thin enough that you can see a hint of a sexy camisole underneath (such as lace). Grandpa cardigans are still going strong, they look great thrown over just about anything. Especially if you have a great belt to cinch the waist with. I love plaid button down shirts. To me, they are a winter staple and really never go out of style. Wear a long sleeve tee or two underneath. On top, wear a sweater or even a cool sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up (you can also cut the band around the neck off, so you have a wider neckline to show off your shirt on top). Another great layering piece that adds instant style is a scarf. Whether you want to add a pop of color or keep it neutral, it tends to finish off an outfit, and scarves really do keep you warm. Even if it's not super cold, wear it loosely around your neck instead of wearing a necklace—think of it as an accessory.

The key to layering is to wear multiple thin layers. You never want to add bulk. Opt for thin knits. If you're going to wear a chunky sweater, it should go on top. Belts are essential when wearing a lot of layers because they give you a waist. Leggings are also huge this winter; wear them as pants. I love the look of a legging, under an oversized sweater. Dress it up with a sexy closed-toe pump! 

The fall staples on Jenn's list: 

Boyfriend sweater: Men's J.Crew

The boyfriend sweater can we worn with skinny jeans, over dresses/skirts, or even as a dress in itself if it's long enough—add tights! Belting it makes it chic. Pair it with your summer denim shorts (or cut up old jeans—I've already sacrificed too many pairs to my scissors!), tights and boots.

Skirt: TopShop

Now's the time to reinvent summer dresses and skirts (denim cut offs too!). Wear these with tights, (sheer black is best) and booties or flat boots. 

Button-down shirt: J.Crew

Button-down shirts are perfect for layering, especially light ones like this shirt from J.Crew. I want this outfit! 

Another must-have on Jenn's list: Skinny jeans. These go with everything, and can be dressed up or down. Pair with a tee and cardigan, button-down shirt, oversized sweater or a summer camisole. Switch it up from playful to sexy just by changing from flats to heels!


Alexa Chung always gets it right. 

I love this model's look! So cool. 

So there you have it, Odessa—hope this helps you with your fashion dilemma! (Btw, Tiff apologizes for not participating on this post, but she's busy dressing The All American Rejects for the VMAs this week. Yeah, just another day in the life. I'm so jealous ;))

If anyone else has a fashion dilemma, leave your comments here!


  1. oohh!! thanks Ellen! I so love the post ^_^ sorry didn't get to read it sooner as I was out of town, anyway, I absolutely appreciate this..oohhhh.. I will really have to get me those black leggings lol I've always wanted one but I ddn't get one yet lol I think I'd go for the fall/winter as my fiance said it's gonna be wAY cold when i finally go there.. ^_^ and thanks a bunch! I did some shopping though and I guess I am on the right track and just have to practice all that layering.. I think that will be uber fun, and the scarves, I wanna wear those (even though I don't have a long neck lol so that could be tricky to pull off)

  2. Ellen, I can't see all your pictures in either Mozilla or IE - what's wrong with me!? :) Love your blog!

  3. Thanks, Blair!!! Geeze, I don't know what to tell you :( I usually use Safari though...that never fails me. Do you have it??