Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: St. Albans, England

Never been to St. Albans? No problem, I'll take you there. 

Luke's mom recently moved to St. Albans, one of the oldest cities in England, just 20 minutes from central London. Interesting factoid: It is rumored (so ok, it's not a fact) that Anne Boleyn spent some time in a convent in St. Albans. I almost wrote that she was "hiding out" there, but I think I'm making that up. Now I can't even remember the story. Kathy, can you help me out here?!

I absolutely loved the buildings and architecture—the city had such charm. A charm, that I hate to say is lacking in London. The first time Luke took me to central London, I made a joke about how Americanized it was. Ok, so THIS is London...we've got McDonald's on our right, Starbucks on our left (which, naturally, I was happy about) and the Hard Rock Cafe Casino just up the road. Sweet! (It was raining that afternoon so we actually went into the casino for a laugh. I won 100 pounds on the slots, so I'm not complaining!) 

I was so excited to be away from the big, bad city that I took picture of just about every building we passed. (Which is why my camera battery died two days into our Spain trip, oops!)

Just as I would put my camera back into my purse, I whipped it back out—I couldn't help it. It was just such a neat place. Admittedly, I normally I don't get this excited about new cities or adventures, so Luke was happy to oblige my nonstop picture taking.

We stopped for lunch at a yummy seafood place (now I'm forgetting the name, eek!), and we had the best mussels EVER. The mussels I've had in the past have typically been tiny slippery pieces of nothingness, but these were big and flavorful. YUM.

Everyone was out on this sunny day looking at the selections at the fruit and vegetable market. There was a certain buzz in the air that was just unbeatable! 

Of course, I was able to sniff out the nearest ice cream truck amongst all the beautiful fruits and vegetables. The ice cream guy tried to get away with not giving me the chocolate flake I saw everyone else get in their cones. You better believe I called him on it, thank you very much!

Oh me oh my. I don't know whether to be depressed that I'm not there anymore, or to just be happy to have the memories. I suppose being happy for the experience is the way to go. Maybe if I close my eyes and click my heels together a few times I will land right back on one of those beautiful cobblestone roads. Ya think? 

I'm assuming everyone is wrapping up their work days for the long weekend. Any fun plans??

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