Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catching up with a friend

It's the best isn't it? It's crazy how in New York (maybe it's like this other places too, I don't know), that it's totally normal to go a a month or two, or even more sometimes, without seeing a friend. Before tonight, I hadn't seen my good friend Kasey in about three months, which was unprecedented for us—that's one record I never want to beat!

But before I get to my night with Kasey, I have to tell you about my cab ride over to the party I was meeting her at. (Yes, I took a cab there; I was running late, ugh!) As soon as I slammed the cab door shut, the driver started asking me how my day was, where was I going—a date perhaps? Homeboy was waaay too much up in my business, and it was very annoying, but I didn't have the heart to be rude or to pretend I was texting on my cell phone, so I entertained his questions. Then, out of nowhere he said, "You are very pretty." "Oh thank you!" I replied, hoping he would just leave it at that. He didn't. However, the next words out of his mouth were simply magical. "What are you, about 22-years old?" I could have crawled over the seat and kissed him I was so happy, you don't even know. Then, he started going on and on about how beautiful and amazing his wife is—it was just so sweet to hear the excitement in his voice when he talked about her, especially after 40 years of marriage. Wow. 

Ok, I'm totally rambling. Sorry! So Kasey and I arrived at a club called Cielo for an album release party for upcoming music artist, Jaicko. 

 Isn't it funny when you go out and get all kinds of stamps and bracelets on your wrist? I remember in college when I used to wear the multiple bracelets well into the next day—I thought it was cool. So not cool. The club had a fun vibe and was super-noisy, so I knew Kasey and I would have to just enjoy the music and catch up after. 

Jaicko put on a great show, and I really enjoyed his performance of his single, "Oh Yeah." Beware: The song is really catchy, so it might get stuck in your head all day! As much as I loved the music and the atmosphere, I was the most excited about the free food and drinks. (It's OK, my publicist friend Heidi is well aware of this). 

Pop burgers and chips were served at the event. Isn't it cute that it came on those little boxes?  I had already eaten my leftovers from Tuesday night's meal for dinner, but Kasey said the burgers were really good, so I snuck a box in my purse and two bags of chips! I got hungry later and ate a bag of chips. Have you ever tried Pop Chips before? These all natural chips are really good, and guilt-free too, at only 100 calories per bag! 

Afterwards, Kasey and I headed into a low-key bar that was playing the U.S. Open and having a two-for-one drink special. I wasn't in the mood to keep drinking, so I had a Diet Coke. It was probably a smart decision because Fashion Week starts today and I have a lot of events coming up! 

I hope everyone is adjusting to their work week after the long weekend. It's a weird transitional time, isn't it? I have a couple job prospects on the horizon, so things are looking up. Fingers crossed everything works out!

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