Monday, September 7, 2009

So long summer!

I said goodbye to the last few days of summer the best way I know how—with good food, good friends and a little partying (or a lot, depending on what your definition of partying is). After babysitting Friday and Saturday night (things went really well, btw), I was ready to have some fun. Last night, Luke and I went to a Brazilian/eclectic restaurant in Nolita called BarBossa.

We love trying new restaurants. Barbossa was really yummy, and I loved the laid back atmosphere (it wasn't too pricey either!). 

  We started off with two appetizers—lemon shrimp and warm crab dip. Both were tasty, and I was glad that the portions weren't too big—I hate being full before even starting on my entree!

I got the tandoori salmon salad for my entree. I loved the salmon, and the greens were flavorful, but I didn't finish them because they were a little too soaked in dressing for my liking. I was tempted by the pasta, but knew I'd feel better ordering something a little lighter, and I did. I'm gradually getting back to my normal eating habits, but I'm not totally there yet!

Luke got the shrimp, avocado curry—it was delicious! We skipped dessert and went to meet a few of Luke's friends a couple blocks away at Spring Lounge. 

We said we'd stay out for "a couple of beers," but I knew that wasn't happening as soon as the first jager bomb hit the table. I was having a great time with the guys, but I was really glad when my friend Thea met up with us, she's so much fun!

 Thea's one of my favorite dancing partners—she gets equally excited about all the same mainstream tunes I do, and she's not scared to admit it. (I can't stand music snobs.) About five hours later we ended up in McDonald's. 

It took at least 20 minutes to get our food (hence Thea's sad face)—that should have been a sign that we didn't need it! Two trips to the Golden Arches in one month is not a good thing. I really need to make a vow to myself to be healthier more consistently! When I hopped in a cab to go home, I looked at the clock in disbelief. It read:

I told you I'd never be the same again after my wild week in Spain! Lord have mercy. I woke up around 12:30 and haven't even had a nap today. I'm a warrior. Although I'm feeling anxious about money and getting more freelance assignments this week, I'm also optimistic. I mean, things can't stay the same forever. Right?

Anyway, I had a great weekend, so there's really not much to complain about. What did you do over the holiday weekend?? I hope you had a good one!


  1. Ridiculous night out, I couldn't have predicted it when we sat down for dinner that we'd be still out at 6am. Great fun though!

  2. Yeah, it was random that this ol' ball-in-chain was up for such a crazy night when it was totally unplanned. I never do things on a whim—that's usually when you have the most fun though!