Friday, September 18, 2009

Three disturbing things I experienced at the gym yesterday.

I always try to go to spinning on Thursdays at my gym (NYSC) because the instructor's eccentric personality (he does jazz hands periodically throughout class) is fun and motivating. Yesterday's class wasn't as enjoyable as usual because the girl next to me had the worst b.o. EVER. I tried to get into the music and block it out of my mind, but every few mintues I would get a whiff that was just too strong to ignore. That brings me to #1: People who go to the gym sans deodorant. Why?
Yes, Teen Spirit is the deodorant I'm currently rocking under my pits. If I had my choice, I'd always wear Secret, but I got like 10 of these in the mail at a previous job, so I'm not going to spend money on deodorant until they're gone! If you recall this story, you know how excited I get about FREE things.
#2: People who take the elevator a the gym. I saw three young, perfectly healthy looking girls waiting for the go DOWN. Up or down, I don't understand why anyone would take the elevator at the gym (I use every opportunity I can to take stairs for a little extra exercise), but especially going down. Does anyone understand the logic in this?
#3: A 60-something year-old woman greeted her trainer with a smooch on the lips. Ewww. That's just nasty; no one wants to see that. The 20-something year-old trainer didn't seemed phased one bit. I can't decide which part of this equation is more disturbing.
Despite these unpleasant experiences, I was feeling pretty good about my gym attire. I got this cute tee at the Serena Williams Nike event the other day. Vicious, ambitious, delicious. That's me, alright! Uh huh. This is a big improvement from the gym outfit I wrote about in this post. Wouldn't you say?
Tell me: Has anyone had any oh. no. she/he di'n't! moments at the gym recently??


  1. i have a membership at nysc (notice i did say i GO to nysc)-we should go to spinning together sometime!!

  2. Of course, let's set a date!!!