Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you have a lot of guy friends?

I'm back from Charleston! I had an absolute blast, and plan to post more about the amazing weekend and wedding later, but today I wanted to talk about guy friends. In Charleston, I spent time with some guy friends I hadn't seen in a while, and it really made me wish I had close guy pals here in NYC. All of the guy friends are either: a.) From high school b.) My friends' husbands.
As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to make new guy friends—at least, that has been my experience. It makes me kind of sad because I grew up with lots of guy friends, and always had my brother's friends hanging around the house. It was so much fun. The type of camaraderie you get from guys is something you really can't get from anyone else.

Here I am with my good high school buddy, Bull. I have great memories with him, mostly of just the two of us hanging out, making mixed CDs and going to the neighborhood hangouts to get a bite to eat. (And also not so great memories of the times I cried to him about the boys I liked that didn't like me). Luckily, he married one of my best friends, so I know he'll be in my life forever.

Here is a video of me, Liza, Michael (left), Bull, Lalla and her husband Diego (right) playing the "Name Game." Basically, the game is played by one person saying the name of a celebrity or other well-known person, and then the next person says a name that starts with the first letter of that person's last name. (ie. Julia Roberts, then Robert Downey Jr. etc. If you were to say a double-letter name, like Robert Redford, then you go back in the opposite direction.) Sounds simple enough, but it is a lot of fun!

Diego cracks me UP in this vid. The fist bumps, high-fives and just overall excitement during the game is awesome. Love the enthusiasm, Diego. It was also really cute how proud he was of Lalla every time she said an athlete's name. We suspect that Liza, on the other hand, made up a few names. Rick Owens? Do you still stand by that one, Lize? I suppose I could Google him to find out for sure. (Um, did anyone notice the LACK of drinking in this game?!)

So tell me: Do you have a lot of guy friends? Do you think it's harder to make them the older you get? WHY??


  1. i ddnt have a lot of guy friends in high school coz i was quite shy. I had gay friends though lol do they count? jk
    but when i went to college, i started making lots of guy friends, i even had these 2 guy friends who became really close buddies. They were former classmates in high school and we did not like each other back then but hit it off after.
    One of them actually became a really close friend, and I could tell him about anything back then. Y
    es, you are right about the kind of friendship guys have to offer. It's different in a way, and you don't have to worry about being stabbed in the back. But they always gave me a hard time lol I was such a girly girl so they would pick on me all the time! But other than that, I love them for being true friends.

  2. Can I just say how proud I am to have made it onto the pages of Fn'F! I am also proud to be a guy friend of yours who is neither a high school friend nor a husband of one of your friends. I had a great time with you kids this weekend and will be practicing the name game as much as possible so that I am not the only one having to drink so much next time!

  3. Much like Michael, I feel truly blessed to be included on the blog. However, the video didn't showcase how good I was at that game. Good Times!

  4. Glad you guys are pumped about your FnF debut!!! Bull, are you suggesting that the camera girl didn't do a good job?? Hmmm. Oh yeah, did any of you look up this mythical "Rick Owens" yet? haha