Monday, January 25, 2010

Would you want to be skinny-fat?

So most of you probably know what this means, but for those of you who don't, it's basically a fat person trapped in a skinny person's body. Someone who eats four pieces of pizza instead of one, gets a double scoop of ice cream without hesitating, eats chips that aren't baked and drinks regular soda—and is a size four, or less. Ugh, bitches! When I was younger, ok, maybe like just six months ago, I thought it would awesome to have a 10 year-old's metabolism so that I'd be able to eat whatever I wanted. Actually, I couldn't even get away with eating Oreos and Cheetos when I was that age (I'm not saying I didn't, but I had the tummy to show for it), but you know what I mean. 

But now that I'm focusing more on being healthy instead of just trying to lose weight for vanity reasons (make no mistake, that is still a driving force), I think it would be gross if my insides looked like the junk food in aisle nine at the grocery store. I never even walk down that aisle. 

This topic came to my mind last night when I was at Subway ordering my 6-inch turkey/lettuce/onion/peppers/cucumbers sandwich. The teenage girl in front of me ordered a footlong chicken and swiss cheese sub with a pool of chipotle sauce squeezed on top. It was seriously sickening how much sauce she had on that thing—it was soupy looking and pouring off the edges of the bread. Gross. I wish I had brought my camera so I could have snapped a pic! She probably would have taken it as a compliment—I think in some weird way she was trying to show off to her friends. Subway sandwiches are the easiest way to incorporate veggies into your meal, but she didn't even want lettuce. Oh, and she got a large Mountain Dew to drink. Ew. And then, she called her mom to tell her that she was at Subway with her friends, but wasn't eating, so she'd be home for dinner. So what, is she eating two dinners? (P.S. She is all of 90 pounds soaking wet). Oh boy, those Upper East Side kiddos! Well at least there was no talk of finding clean prostitutes and planning a chaperone-free trip around Europe—not that I heard of, that is.

The thing that skinny-fat people need to realize is that one day their metabolism will slow down, and then what? Going to the gym and eating healthfully for the first time will be so much harder at 35. What about you: Would you want to be skinny-fat?


  1. In my mind, "Skinny Fat" girls are listless, yawny, and often "tired". But maybe that is the jealousy talking.


  2. porn images dancing in my head.

    Would I like to do it?? YES... for about 1 day and then I'd be sick as a dog. It's taken me years but cleans eats and gym are what I crave now! I prefer a strong healthy body over a sickly coat-hanger frame anyday.

    Don't get me wrong, I fall from grace often but the result hurts worse than a hangover!

    oh and seeing as I JUST turned 35, yeah it's alot tougher than it was at 27.

  3. i mean lets be honest here, EVERYONE would want to be skinny fat if they could be. Never have to worry about what or when you eat....ummm lets be real, no one would turn that down.

    Doesn't mean you can't still workout.

  4. Flip..I'm pretty sure she was talking in realistic terms. If we were not having to worry about health, disease and energy levels..then sure,I'll take Carrot Cake with cookie dough ice cream, 5 cadbury eggs and a large Rita:)

  5. Ahaha Barbara...I could totally go for 5 Cadbury eggs right now (even though they cheaped out and made them smaller). I pretty much go to the gym so that I can eat the 4 slices of pizza when I want to. I'm prone to gaining weight by nature. The problem is that now that I'm ageing a little bit I'm realizing that reguardless of how much I run or lift, I can't run off what I'm eating. I'm dialing back the intake slowly. We've been eating much better lately by virture of not eating out. Those meals are the killers. K has been using the crock pot we got for christmas like crazy. Since you're broke, you should look into it. You can buy bunch of meat or veggies and make several meals for very little money without tending to the meal or even being home.

  6. I've heard of thin-fat before, but I think that was supposed to be a girl who looks skinny (thin arms and legs) but when she takes off her clothes, she's got a big belly.

    Before I drastically changed my diet due to health issues, I would say, yes, I would love to be your definition of skinny-fat! But now the idea of eating that much sh*t just sounds like sh*t.

  7. Yea im sure ur right barb, but 1 can dream.

  8. You're right SCS, skinny-fat biotches MUST be tired all the time. Plus, I bet they have more least that's what I'm telling myself!

    And you're right Barbara, being skinny-fat is less appealing when you look at it from a health standpoint. So when you do fall off the wagon a bit, it hurts worse than a hangover? How does your body react?

    Sure, Flip, I'd like to not have to be able to think about every last thing I put in my mouth, but being skinny-fat is kind of gross to me now. The advantage "s-f" people have though is that bc they can eat whatever, it's not as big of a deal, so they probably don't overdo it as much as someone with a restricted diet who sometimes binges. I guess it's the "you always want what you can't have" thing.

    Good idea on the crock pot, G. I actually have one, but it's at my bf's. I need to steal it back! What have you been cooking up lately? And yes, I feel ya, going to the gym alone is not enough. Supposedly your weight is based on 90 percent of what you put into your mouth and just 10 percent exercise. That is not cool.

    Hey Heather! That's awesome that you're so much healthier...what big changes did you make?

  9. This topic was linked on the front page of yahoo today.

  10. Ellen~

    I follow Paleo diet which is no dairy, grains and sugar. I'm human though(kinda) and love me some fro yo and other sweets. No lie, in just 10 min after consumption my stomach will bloat up and be cranky. The next day is much worse with a headache, snotty nose and lethargic feeling that lasts 2 days. gains as an athlete have doubled since doing this with better sleep, energy and happy tummy:)

  11. George beat me to it - an article in the WSJ today about "Normal Weight Obesity."

    Look at FnF being so topical!

  12. Woohoo, glad I'm on top of it, guys! :)

    Wow, that's amazing, Barbara! I wish my tummy got upset when I ate sweets! ha. Well, it does if I eat enough :) I do need to cut back on sugar, and I slowly have been, but I don't know about everything else... I love my bowl of cereal in the morning too much!