Thursday, January 28, 2010

I had a love affair with Dolce and Gabbana today

It was hot, sexy and entirely too short-lived. Today my friend Nancy invited me to come on set  for a taping of NYCTV's new show, Job Hunt (premieres Feb. 2!). The show is about helping unemployed people get back on their feet and find work—why how fitting for FnF! Today's taping was at Loehmann's where I watched a lovely woman named Elisa get a wardrobe makeover. It was so cool to see the behind-the-scenes action, but I have to admit I was quite distracted by the fabulous clothes! I always have an excuse not to shop at Loehmann's—the lines are too long, I don't feel like scouring the racks, blah blah, but my attitude has now changed—they have some awesome pieces! And apparently even celebrity stylist Robert Verdi shops for his clients, like Miz Eva Longoria, there. Looks like I'll have to put in the work if I want to look like a star!

Stylist of the stars, Felix Mercado, was kind enough to give me some pointers in between takes. He insisted I try on this killer Dolce and Gabbana sequin bomber jacket and showed me how to rock it. According to him, scrunching up the sleeves is a MUST!

He also gave me a quick tutorial on how to pose—ugh, you should have seen the first few pics before I finally got it right. So here's what you do: hand goes on hip; push the tush out a bit to make an S-shape; chin goes up, then down, then slightly up—STOP! You've got it! Umm yeah, I'm going to have to practic this in the mirror. 

Yeah so I had the jacket on for all of 60 seconds before I had to take it off. Tear. It was a really fun afternoon though, and I met a lot of awesome people. Stay tuned for fun vids and more info about Job Hunt on Monday! Is anyone out there a pro discount shopper? What are your tips for finding those fab pieces?!


  1. I remember reading something about a casting call to be on this show! Totally should have applied! Love the jacket! Do I dare ask how much?

  2. Thank you Ellen, yesterday's shoot was a blast and we totally appreciate your support! Our mtg at NYC Media after the shoot was a success! Pls drop Nanc a line later as we may have a hush hush to invite you to next Tues re: Job Hunt! Shhhh!

    Again, thank you for the support! YOU ROCK!

  3. I'm green and sparkly with envy!!!!! What a fun day girl:)

    I must get my booty to NYC!


  4. Ash, you should have TOTALLY applied! That's OK, you can still watch the show and check back on the blog on Monday to score some interview fashion advice from Felix :)

    Can't wait for Tuesday, Felix—I had a blast with you guys!!!

    Barbara, whenever you are NYC, you seriously better let me know! I'll go to a Crossfit class with you, and you can come party it up with me. Deal? :)