Sunday, January 3, 2010

Date Night!

Liza and I have been joking lately that we're like an old married couple that just sits on the couch together, so we decided to go out last night just the two of us. For dinner we went to a new restaurant called Tiny Thai on the Upper East Side.

The inside looks like a club, no? It's not exactly the type of place I like to go to normally, but it was fun for something different. 

I got the spicy flat noodles with chicken and vegetables. It was really good and fairly cheap, too—under $10! 

Liza got the yellow curry with chicken and really liked hers as well. Since the restaurant doesn't have their liquor license yet, it's BYOB. We didn't know that, but Liza took one for the team and went back out in the cold to get us a bottle of wine. During the entire meal, we noticed the chick next to us was listening to our conversation. At one point her friend noticed and said, "Did you just hear what I said?" Don't you hate when people do that? She was so obvious about it too, weird. 

I never leave home without my FnF stickers! I thought this empty toilet roll was the perfect promotional opportunity ;)

Cab ride photo opp!

Next we headed to Brother Jimmy's on the Upper West Side to meet up with a friend of Liza's from her sorority (sorry, saying "sorority sister" sounds a little Velveeta to me). Brother Jimmy's is my favorite sports bar in the city—hello monster bowl of liquor!

Liza with Kathryn!

As a Clemson alum, I appreciated this flag hanging on the ceiling. I busted through a group of guys to snap the pic!

And as  KY girl, I appreciated this sign as well. Hey look, there's a UK flag in the background, too!

Tell me: What's your favorite sports bar where you live and why? 


  1. I love Brother Jimmy's, I used to go there all the time with my college friends. There are usually cute guys there too :)

  2. FNF on the TP roll hahaha. You should have wrote under it "Read my blog kuz I'm the S***". That drink looks serious. It reminds me of the "Warp Core Breach" that we had at the Hilton in Vegas. We shared with others though.

  3. The photos of the food make my stomach growl. I love that type of food.

    Is that an upside-down Demon Deacon below the Clemson flag? What an odd thing to do to Wake Forest.

  4. Yeah, Genie, Brother Jimmy's was probably one of the first bars I ever went to in NYC and I still go (not as often tho) to this day! And yess, I did notice lots of boyzz there.

    LOL, George, wish I had thought of that! I'll consult you first with things of this nature next time. And that drink wasn't just for me—did you see all those neon straws?!

    I'm not sure about the Demon Deacon (haha, is that what the mascot is called?!), S, it might have just been the angle. I doubt it was on purpose—hanging those flags on the ceiling doesn't seem like an easy task.

  5. george-was that pun intended? either way, i love it.

    brother jimmy's is where i told that guy he was going to ask for my phone number!!!

  6. hi =, it's kate : ) loved seeing you there!

  7. Heeey, Kate! Great seeing you, too, I almost forgot how much fun you were :) Let's do it again soon!