Thursday, January 21, 2010

All dressed up with nowhere to go

So I have not had a great day. I woke up early to do my normal routine: return emails, pitch editors, cruise Craigslist and work on blog-related tasks. After a couple of hours, I went back to sleep. I rarely ever do that, but I only got five hours of shut eye the night before, and man was I feeling it. I woke up an hour later and just felt out of whack and unmotivated to go to the gym. I hopped back on the computer and before I knew it, it was 3pm. I had a bloggers-only event to attend that ended at 5, so I rushed to get ready and caught the subway downtown. 

To make a short story shorter, I MISSED the event. Freakin' West Village, man! It is so damn confusing. It's like, even when you are on the exact street you need to be on, it will somehow be the wrong street, in a building with two different addresses. I'm serious. I was feeling like a total asshole (tears were involved—sorry Linds for unloading on you!) for not being able to find my desired location until Liza told me that several other editors had the same problem with the same exact building just the other day. And I hate to admit it, but the thing I hated more than missing the event and not having any pictures now for Photo Shoot Friday, is that I got all gussied up for nothing! That is the worst. 

Here's my sad face moments after realizing I had rushed all the way to the West Village to just turn around and go home. I don't know why I was so emotional, but I totally cried my makeup off. A bum kept telling me "everything will be ok," and while that was a nice gesture, it just pissed me off more.
My boyfriend got me this Elizabeth and James dress for my birthday a couple years ago—it felt so nice to be wearing a pop of color for a change! Not that anyone got to see it, but still. (It's actually a shirt—being a shawty does have advantages sometimes!). I missed the mark with the boots though; they don't look quite right. I should have gone with heels, but I hate wobbling through the subway in them. And side note in case anyone's wondering, those boxes are for clothes we're giving to the Salvation Army. 

I was feeling really bummed when I got back to my 'hood, and I came thisclose to making a stop at Tasti-D-Lite, but I had Liza's leftover steamed vegetable dumplings and carrots for dinner instead. Victory! 

Being dressed up with nowhere to go sucks big time. Has it ever happened to any of you? For a date, perhaps? Do tell!


  1. Hello, that's exactly what I was bitching about at brunch! West Village needs ONE Greenwich Street -- just one! I don't know who named the streets down there but seriously, there should not be doubles!!

  2. hmm. i got stood up at the movies. TWICE. by the same guy. UGH! pointless getting out of the house!

  3. Ellen, sorry you had a rough day. Hope today will be better! Love the outfit though & the good thing is that you can easily slip it on again because no one saw it yesterday! :)

  4. I was stood up by a guy. He said he was sick, so he canceled our mid-week date. I had worn a cute outfit to work for the post-work date, which i didn't want to waste. So, I went to a work event and then out with friends. Whilst out with friends who should arrive at the bar but the guy who was "too sick" for me to come over. I did not see him again after that.


  5. No joke, Kara! It is ridiculous. I should go to the West Vill more often so I never get defeated like that again. It was a terrible feeling...especially after living here so long!

    Thanks, Rach, I just might put it back on tonight...we'll see :)

    Trayn, stood up TWICE? What a loser! What was his pathetic excuse?

    Shannon, what did he say when he saw you at the bar???

  6. I don't remember really. It was like a scene out of a movie - the music got quiet, the crowds parted, and there he was. I think I stood with my mouth agape for a while. He think he said that someone we both knew called him to go out and he felt obligated to go.
    I eventually learned that he subsequently announced he was an alcoholic, began attending AA meetings, and no longer drinks. Ah...the one that got away ;)

  7. hey i just saw you replied. HE SAID the first time: my aunt died, so i had to take off (yeah, so don't call me?)

    get this: the second time he was like, I"M SO SORRY I FORGOT. i smoke pot so my memory sucks.