Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Healthy nachos

With the Superbowl just weeks away, I'm sure this won't be the last time you see a "healthy" alternative for your favorite junk food. (You know how every morning news channel does an "eat this, not that" type of thing for Superbowl parties? No? Ok, well they do!) 

RunnersKitchen, one of my favorite health/food bloggers, recently made her own healthy version of nachos, and tonight for dinner I replicated the same idea. 

I cut a whole wheat pita into wedges, misted them with cooking spray and popped them into the oven at 350 degrees until they got crispy.

Next I cooked chicken, peppers and onions in a pan. Easy so far, right?

I took the pita wedges out of the oven and topped them with the chicken and peppers, a piece of Laughing Cow cheese (only 35 calories!), a sprinkle of grated cheddar cheese and a spoonful of black beans and salsa. (Ok, a few spoonfuls of salsa).

I put it in the oven until the cheese melted and voila, dinner is ready! It was pretty tasty, but next time I think I'll add a bit more cheese (I could hardly taste it!), and choose either the chicken or the beans, not both—it was a bit overwhelming to me for some reason. Plus, that will help me stretch my groceries out a bit longer. I've never spent so much money on one dish, so I guess you know what I'll be eating for the next few nights!

Does anyone else have healthier recipes for junk food? I'd love to know! P.S. For anyone who lives in NYC and gets a hankering for the real thing, Dempsey's in the East Village serves up some damn tasty nachos for only $5!


  1. I love 7 layer dip and I found this recipe on Hungry Girl awhile ago, those meatless crumble things taste pretty good! I also use 0% Greek Yogurt if I don't have the sour cream and go with the low fat cheddar. I usually skip the squash, too and sometimes agg sliced avocado. With those Food for Life chips it's pretty good.


    This site has some of the best junk food replacement recipes!

  2. YUM!! easy and "good" for you-way to go ellen!

  3. It's nt a healthier recipe, but I usually skip the shicken and put guacamole on instead -- healthy fats, omega-3's, all that good stuff :) And keeps me full for ages.

  4. Ohh I love 7 layer dip, rain! Yeah, with black beans and veggies, you can't really go wrong. I do use cream cheese and cheddar cheese, but it's really a lot better than a lot of things you could have!

    Thanks, MA ;)

    No worries, I appreciate typos—just makes me glad I'm not the one doing them for once! Strangely, I like guac and chips, but I don't like it ON things mixed in with other things—on salads, etc. I know I'm probably in the minority here...

  5. Wait! there are no nachos in your "healthy nachos". Looks good though. I love all of those ingredients reguardless of what vehicle they ride to my mouth.