Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Clothes that will make you wish you were in Tahiti sipping a Mai Tai

Last night I went to the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection launch. I freakin' love Roxy—their stuff is just so fun and cool. See for yourself.

Out of all the awesome things I saw, this strapless colorblock suit was my favorite. Zippers are hottt. Now if only I had the bod to rock it! I'm on it!

Love these fringe sandals—they make me feel like I should be on a beach resort somewhere. Anywhere. Right.this.second! The line hits stores in April, so I suppose I'll have to wait!

Look, it's Kevin Christiana from Season 4 Project Runway! 

Next we went to see Alexa Wilding perform at Highline Ballroom. She's an up-and-coming artist who's generating quite a bit of buzz in the music industry—she recently got some great press in Nylon mag and the  NY Post. I'm awful at comparing artists to others, but I thought her voice reminded me of Jewel's. Her sound was really cool, I'd say it was a mix of folk/ethereal. 

We sat at a table in the balcony area and noshed on a couple appetizers. The venue was really cool (food+music=perfection) and it was packed! 

Well happy Friday everyone! What's everyone up to this weekend?


  1. My car is abandoned a half mile from my house. Assuming it thaws enough for me to move it, I am going to Augusta tomorrow...yeah, exciting, I know.
    So Zippers are in? In what context are they acceptable? I would be worried I would look like something out of an early 90s rap video if I wore it wrong.


  2. Hmmm...I wear Roxy way more than a 30-year-old should but I'm not into the zipper suit or the black dress. They're giving me flashbacks to the Ocean Pacific rack at Boscovs circa 1991...

  3. What?! Not into the zipper suit, Kara? Are you craaazy?! Hehe. I don't know why, but I really like it! The black dress was prob the only thing I didn't love, but I'm sure it would look great on a surfer chick with a model bod. As does most anything...

    Shannon, that suckssss. I can't believe ATL got so much snow! And yes, zippers are in. I love these boots:

    Zippers are also cool as jacket details, and I also like them at the hem of skinny jeans, just unzipped a little. Not sure if I'm describing this right?!

  4. Everything you do really lives up to your "fabulous" title. How do you manage to do all of this awesome stuff and always look cute on a budget?

  5. Hey Porsche! Wow, you're nice. Well, I've been in the magazine industry in some capacity for the last six years, so that's one reason I get to go to fun events. A bigger reason though, is that most of my friends happen to be in the fashion industry. So really, it's not me that's cool, it's my friends...I just ride their coattails!! And in the last year, I've started shopping at more budget-friendly places like GAP, American Eagle, ZARA, Uniqlo, etc. Even my fur vest is AE! I wear things over and over, but I don't mind too much. The trick is getting good basics (ie. my denim shirt has been a wardrobe staple) and mixing them up.