Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"You look better...are you wearing makeup?"

Umm yeah, that is what some bonehead bank teller said to Liza today. Her response, "Uhh, I always wear makeup." Then he responded with something like, "Shoot, I was hoping you wouldn't say that!" Dude, the next time you're wondering why the hell you haven't been laid in over nine months, remember that moment. I almost don't blame him though—I can see how someone as pretty as my sis would make a guy all flustered and idiotic, but geeze, MAN! This is the same guy that stepped out from behind the glass window a few months ago to tell Liza that her dress was "see through." Listen Creepy-creeperton, it's called sheer, and I don't even want to know why you were oggling my sister so thoroughly. Ick!

This is just as bad as telling someone they look tired—possibly worse. But to be fair, we've all said something at one time or another that totally came out the wrong way. Actually, just the other night my boyfriend told one of my friends that she "looked like a hotter and younger" version of herself. WTF?! He totally meant it as a compliment, but you can see how offensive it came across. We'll chalk that one up to too many beers! 

So girls, has this ever happened to you? And guys, have you ever had an awkward moment like this with a girl when everything just came out the wrong way??


  1. Ellen! I commented on this earlier but it disappeared. So, sorry if I'm spamming. But it's cracking me up because my facebook status right now is that the cashier at Kohl's today told me I looked gorgeous in my driver's license photo (can't deny it) but then added, "You don't look as well today. Are you sick?" Like, thanks for the ego boost. Is it the splotchy paleness? The fact that I'm accessorizing with Kleenex? Whatevs -- you're supposed to pretend I look healthy, ok? Ugh.

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  3. Ellen~

    Well I "gasp" hardly ever wear make-up unless it going out or for a shoot. What happens is when I DO wear make-up people freak out and say things like "dang girl, you look hot" or "wow, you really fix up nicely"

    So basically I must look like utter sh@t normally:)

  4. When you're expecting out come the "Wow you look gorgeous...great...beautiful" or "You're really glowing" comments. And heck, I'll take 'em but every so often I what did I look like before? :)

  5. This just happened to me at a work Holiday party. Numerous people said "I don't think I have ever seen you with makeup" and I wear makeup to work everyday! I kept telling Ryan I assumed it was since I was trying a red lipstick, which I don't wear to work. But after the third person and a few drinks I finally said something about wearing makeup every day to work!

  6. Kara, did you tell her you were preggo?! How did you respond?

    Haha, Barbara. I think what people are saying is that you look even HOTTER with a little makeup on...I mean, if that's even possible ;)

    "You're really glowing," wow, that would get old. But I can see that, I thought you looked GREAT when I saw you the other week! Maybe the glowing thing does have validity...I mean, you're about to experience one of the greatest blessings in the world!!

    Becca, I can see the red lipstick making a statement...I've been wanting to try it recently, although I could do without those kinds of reactions from people!