Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guys, you are the ones that make us crazy. Yes, YOU.

Holy smokes, Batman! No wonder I had such a hard time uploading this vid yesterday—look how freakin' BIG it is. Well I hope you find me at least mildly attractive, or else this could be pretty painful to watch. It's kind of bananas how close the camera is to my face—there's no escaping my wonky left eyebrow and Joker smile (geeze, is that what I really look like?!) 

Regardless, check out the vid. Oh, and count how many times I say, "That is just not cool." Umm yeah, my video skillz need a little work—in more ways than one!

So you know the Cheap Trick song, "I Want You to Want Me?" Well, that's what I'm talking about here. And if any of my guy friends read this and think, Holy shit, she's talking about me, don't worry, it's not just you. 

So guys, please enlighten me: Why do you throw the word "crazy" around so loosely? Do you really think you're never responsible for a girl's actions? Is my theory at all accurate? And girls: Have you ever had a guy who was allll about you, and then dropped you like last season's Louboutins? Do share!


  1. Elle, first off I love the video blog idea, and you look great!! Secondly, I love your little office area. Remember the last time I was there, you got the desk but was just about to set it up. Now I can picture you typing away... oh, I saw Julie & Julia yesterday and thought of you!

  2. Ellen, it's so great to see you on a video! Very good idea! And you look fabulous don't worry ;) It's also nice to see where you write from.

    About the subject; I think that kind of reactions from guys is mostly pride. They don't want to show their feelings so they hide behind the "she's crazy anyway" thing. But I can be wrong. It would indeed be nice that guys explain us why they act like that! It never happened to me, but I have a couple of friends who lived that and it's really not cool!

  3. Time to invest in a tripod i suppose.

    Man - 0 - Man. Where to start. For starters, i don't think that i am one of those guys that does that to women. Mostly because i never really get like that with many girls and have had to long-term relationships with a few other fling types mixed in here and there. But, the reason for this is because i feel that so many girls are crazy. I don't even wanna get on that level with them for fear of how the crazy will grow. I swear, im not sure if its something in the water in Norther KY but there are a lot of crazy girls up here.

    Some guys do like some crazy in a girl though. I see it all the time. That's where i think the scenario you described really plays out.

    I am not saying all girls are crazy, they aren't. But I do think girls are much more emotional(passionate) than guys and this is kinda what drives guys to call women crazy, at times.

  4. You are A-DOR-ABLE.

    You are correct about some guys. (not me) They lead girls on...and it probably has to do with guys not knowing what they want. They expect a "feeling" to make a decision. When the initial spark subsides, they question their relationship when they actually should invest more time in recreating the spark. And the very thing that drew them to the girl in the beginning turns out to be the very thing they say they don't like in the end. Last, association plays a role. If a guy has other male friends who are in successful relationships then he is more likely to be willing to put the work in the relationships. Association plays a huge role. THe same applies to women. Association plays a huge role.

  5. Love it!

    So, I agree and disagree. I agree that guys do completely flake from time to time. I can say that because it was the story of my life in college. Every guy I dated for almost 2 years would flip out, disappear, and then come back in 2-3 weeks like nothing happened. Really? I didn't go crazy or do anything rash. Ironically, I'm now friends with all but one, and we laugh about it.

    Now, my disagree is that some girls are CRAZY, and they give us all a bad name. Sorry, but sometimes we blow the tinest signal (a text, an email, a "great to see you") into LOVE! We all want the fairy tale (The Notebook kind of love), and we'll try to fit our crush into that mold. I know, I'm guilty. That is when the crazy sets in, and some people take it to a whole new level.

  6. Ellen, you are hilarious! Love the video blog!! xo
    PS Your teeth are super straight! :)

  7. Thanks, Mols! Yes, I remember....it took forever to get that desk set up, but I finally did. (Well, Luke did!)

    I agree, Aurore, guys will blame girls for anything to protect their egos :)

    Flip, I see where you're coming from, and trust me, I don't think it's JUST the guy. Like Alison said, yes, some girls are just crazy. But who knows, maybe that crazy has built up over time due to bad relationships, etc. I can't lie though, all girls have a teensy bit of crazy in them...even super-cool chicks like moi ;)

    And true Al, it stinks that the psychos have to give everyone else a bad name, but we have to appreciate them too bc they make us look SO much better :)

    Well hey there, Thomas! That's interesting about association, and it totally makes sense. Maybe that's why most guys in NYC are single, and most guys in KY where I'm from are either married, in a relationship, or WANT to be in a relationship. Good point!

    Haha, why THANKS Judy...how nice of you to notice :)

  8. Yay videos! Everyone is crazy. I think the word" Different" could usually be substituted for crazy in most of those conversations, but it doesn't have any street cred.

    Side note: I think you need a plant on your desk. You have room for it, and sunlight.