Friday, January 1, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Smell ya later 2009!!!

Happy New Years everyone! Guess who doesn't have a hangover today? It's a bloody miracle! I hope I don't get a delayed hangover that hits around 5pm—that's the worssst. New Year's Eve is always a stressful night—there's so much hype and more times than not, it just doesn't deliver. I've learned a lot about how to do NYE in Manhattan over the years—the best way to be is laid back. My first year in the city was a nightmare. I paid $100 to go to a bar that was way too crowded; it took 20 minutes to get a drink; the food that was promised was nowhere in sight; the strap on my top broke and I lost my purse and all my friends. I was a hot mess. Times ten. Anyway, I'm happy that I have a much better experience to report back to you this time—I had a great night!

I had absolutely nothing to wear—gone are the days that I rush to Bloomingdale's to spend money I don't have on an outfit I don't even know if I really like, just for ONE night. Liza saved me though, and hooked me up with this cute purple leopard print Rebecca Taylor dress!

We started the night at Erin's place for cocktails and snacks. How cute are these party horns? 

And these masks! Erin always knows how to add the perfect touches to make a party feel special. 

Sadly, I don't think I had even a sip of champagne, but maybe that's also why I don't have massive headache right now.

Buddy had the best New Year's ever—this was the second appetizer he snuck off the table. He seemed so excited, I just didn't have the heart to stop him!

Me, Liza and Natalie with Erin, the cutest hostess ever!

The British Invasion: Mark and Bruce! After Erin's, my boyfriend and I met up with some pals at a chill German bar called Loreley on the Lower East Side.

Here I am with my good buddies Ajla and Lorraine. Heeey, why didn't I get a New Year's hat?!

Eff you 2009!!!

All in all it was a great night—I hope all of you had a good one, too! What did you do last night? Did you have fun? Do you have any nightmare NYE stories like mine?


  1. That suxx..was it worth it though?!

  2. We had people over to our house and just drank and ate and hung out. It was perfect.
    I too have paid over $100 for a crowded party. You can't get cabs, your shoes get dirty/'s amature night. NYE is best spent at one chill bar (where you can sit down and move your arms freely without hitting anyone) or at a house party.
    My hangover was delayed until today, due in part to the fact I drank more last night watching football. Oh well.