Monday, January 4, 2010

Would you be turned off by a guy who ate healthier than you did?

Friends have told me stories about being turned off by guys who eat super-healthy—egg whites for breakfast, salads without dressing for lunch, salmon for dinner—so I thought I'd raise the issue here. I feel a bit torn on the subject. You know from this post that I'd love for my boyfriend to be a bit healthier (how's Day 1 of those resolutions going, hun?!), but I'd also feel weird if he didn't chow down on a burger and fries from time to time or if we never shared a pizza together. (Now that would be a sad day.)

I have no idea who o'boy is, but I thought this pic was kinda funny. Anyway, I do think a guy with an appetite for wings and nachos is part of his masculinity, and I'm allll about manly men, but one thing we should consider is that not all guys are the same. Yes, many can hit the gym a few times a week and still be able to get away with eating whatever they want (damn metabolisms!), but not everyone can. On the flip side guys, don't judge a girl when she orders a salad at dinner!

They are many different arguments you could make on this subject, so I'm gonna leave it with you. Would you be turned off by a guy who ate super-healthy? Even healthier than you? And guys, what's a big no-no for you regarding girls' eating habits??


  1. I would be turned off by a guy who's eating habits made me feel like I couldn't enjoy wings and a beer now and again. And if he forced me to cook without oil or something, that would be a deal breaker(the logic being "dude, if I am cooking for you, you eat it and like it".)
    I actually know a girl who dated a guy like that. He was all about them having an "active lifestyle" and wanted her to only make unseasoned chicken and egg whites. Apparently he had a rockin body, but a pukey attitude. She is now married to a cute, normal guy who likes to enjoy food and exercise in a normal healthy manner.


  2. Shannon, I totally agree...moderation in everything is the way to go. And if anything, I'd rather the guy to like wings and beer a little TOO much than never ever eat it. That would give me more issues with food, and lord knows I don't need that!

  3. I hope not, i am well on my way to being more healthy than i would assume, certainly in KY, most women are. I'm already to the point where it is disturbing how much salt my mom and sister use when i am home for the holidays.

  4. This does not extend to eating out though, you have to indulge, otherwise i question whether you are human.

  5. Ellen, I think you're completely right on moderation thing however, I think you've also hit the main point on this issue- it's really more about your own relationship with food than it is the guy's. If you're fine with your own eating habits and image, then who cares what other people are or aren't eating? This also applies to your friends- not just guys!

  6. i think it's great for a girl to eat smart and be healthy. but i also don't mind those who adopt a laissez faire policy with the menu either. both can be cool in their own ways. i say pick one and go for it. what I DON'T like is when girl (or guy) complains at the dinner table about what they are eating. that just ruins the vibe!

  7. eating is a community thing! if i'm gonna go all out, i want to eat with people who are going to join in the feasting!

    that being said, no one wants someone eating pizza, wings, and drinking beer 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. it creates a worrisome lifestyle. i agree with most of your other fans and yourself, it's all about balance.

  8. Agree that everyone (men and women) have different body styles and health concerns, so it's hard to know why a person may make different choices than you. As long as they are comfortable with their choices and you with yours. What bothers me is when you are judged for your good or not so good food choices.

    This is hard to balance for couples who eat almost every meal together and sometimes want or need to make different choices.

  9. Well...I say "birds of a feather flock together". I tend to eat crazy healthy and can't date a guy who eats beer and wings just wouldn't work.

    That being said, I don't think I'd fall for a guy as crazy obsessed as myself. I'd want an anchor or someone who could bring more balance into my life. Does that make sense? Ha...I probably made myself look bad but oh well.


  10. Flip, I totally the indulgences for eating out!

    PK, have you ever had a girl complain about what she was eating?? That would be so uncomfortable. eek.

    Sophia, I wrote a similar post on friends too!

    I'm totally with ya Stacy! I know who to call if I want to go for a light sushi dinner and who to turn to when I want to eat a burger and fries without judgement!

    Speaking of judgement, Becca, I admit that I judge people on what they eat from time to time. It's just a reflex. Usually though, it's only when someone is totally pigging out (ie. drinking a Mt. Dew while polishing off a bag of Doritos...SOBER, haha) or eating like a bird. Either end of the spectrum usually catches my attention. I don't feel too badly, I'm sure people have judged my food choices!!

    Barbara, that's great that you even want a guy to balance you out a bit...sounds perfectly normal. Wanna send those healthy vibes my way? ;)

  11. as usual i agree with shannon. i would be more turned off if the guy was super intense about it and didn't relax on the healthy habits every now and then for a beer and pizza night. it would be great to date someone who was a healthy eater because it would really encourage me to be better, but everyone needs to indulge once in awhile. otherwise you find yourself eating a carton of ben and jerrys in the closet after he goes to bed.

  12. LOL, MA, are you speaking from experience on the Ben and Jerry's comment? Sounds like something I would, have done!