Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What do you nag your boyfriend about?

Ok, so this might come as a surprise to some of you, but no, I am not perfect. I'd like to think that I am a pretty laid back girlfriend though. I'm independent and I don't keep tabs on my boyfriend's whereabouts at all times or get pissy when he stays out until 4am pounding beers with the boys (unless his hangover the next day ruins plans we had together, of course).

However, the one thing I do from time to time "nag" my boyfriend about is his health. While I'm not perfect in that arena, a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, and sometimes it's frustrating when he doesn't make it more of a priority. One month, he'll hit the gym hard and the next, he doesn't even step foot inside one. Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend doesn't sit around stuffing Cheetos into his mouth all day (although I think he's had one too many steak dinners lately)--he works hard. Honestly, I don't know how much I'd be at the gym if I clocked in the number of hours at the office that he does. But still.

So last night when he suggested we get salads for dinner, I was pumped! We went to Cafe Gitane in Nolita because the salads are yummy and reasonably priced.

We didn't get off to the healthiest start with this avocado and olive oil spread over toast, but the waitress highly recommended it, so we had to try it, right? It was worth every.last.calorie. YUM.

I got the mixed green salad with chicken. It came with two small pieces of cheese toast--I had one. I don't know what magic ingredient is in that cheese spread, but it is seriously delicious.

So yeah, my boyfriend decided to forgo the salad and get the Hachi Parmentier, which is like a shepherd's pie--ground beef with cheese and mashed potatos on top. There was a side salad, but it was barely touched--apparently the lettuce was frozen or something. I don't know about that! We were having such a good time talking and being out together, I honestly didn't care that he didn't make a healthier choice.

And guess who picked up the tab? Moi. And unlike this date, I didn't even have a gift certificate. I got two big paychecks in the mail yesterday, so I was more than happy to pay. It was a nice feeling.

The restaurant has a cool, old school diner type feel. Check out this bright yellow cash register!

I admit I don't always go about encouraging my boyfriend to be healthier the right way. Sometimes, after going a few weeks without bringing it up, I'll ask, "Have you been taking care of yourself lately?" (Which reads: Did you have a burrito for lunch and are your tennis shoes collecting dust sitting in the corner of your apartment?) I should lead by example. If we're both hungover, I should get my ass up and cook a nice hearty breakfast instead of doing a Domino's pizza delivery dance. (Umm yeah, you do not want to know what that looks like). I should also plan fun activities for us to do together, but I just get lazy. But after all, those who sweat together, stay together, right?!

So tell me: What do you nag your boyfriend about? And guys, am I being too harsh here? Do you have any advice on how I can handle the situation better?


  1. Well, Ellen, my husband could say the same for me regarding exercise. He is a marathon runner, although he hasn't run one in a year or 2. He still runs and works out. I, on the other hand, faithfully walk our dog, Elsie, 3-5 times/day. That's it. No wonder I feel like a slug. I am terrible about exercising, even though I know I will feel better and look better.

    On rare occasions, I do talk to him about his eating because he hardly eats any vegetables. I like vegetables. Doesn't mean I wouldn't have gotten the shepherd's pie thing your sweetie got last night! And that's a very UK dish, right?

    I don't nag Tim about anything. He doesn't nag me about anything. He knows you care for him and want him to be healthy. And his health isn't your responsibility.

    So, plan healthy activities if that is what you want for yourself, but it will come off as manipulative if the only reason is so he's getting exercise. No matter what you say, he will know it. Well, I would, so I'm thinking he probably would, too.

    So, here I am on the other side of the fence. Perhaps Tim should bug me. I am grossly obese, according to our insurance company. That really gives me a lift! Not!

    Love your blog so much!


  2. My boyfriend is "delightfully thrifty" and will wear the same undies and undershirts (yes, even a day or two in a row) until they are about to disintegrate into thin air. 1) You know how to do laundry, and it isn't that expensive for us in that a) we own our own washer and drier and b) run a full load so as to be environmentally and economically sound and 2) BUY SOME NEW SOCKS/BOXERS/UNDERSHIRTS DAMMIT!

    He also uses the really good Hinkle knife I bought with my very first lawyer paycheck to spread hummus on his sandwich. It is a santoku knife with a really good edge...I think I will buy him his own one day.

    That's about it. He exercises regularly and hates fried food (um, we live in Atlanta, how can you not love fried green tomatoes?) This actually means that he wants me to cook vegetables and healthy stuff. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't complain about the knife too much, right?

  3. So I totally misspelled the knife:


    Is German, yah?

  4. Sometimes I nag Ryan about sitting up sraight, his posture is not very good and slumping is not attractive or good for your body.

  5. You've got one lucky husband, Julie! You're so positive, I love it. He's extra-lucky that you never nag either. Ahh, I just can't HELP it sometimes! And actually, the bf does appreciate it when I encourage the two of us to do activities together. Whenever we go running or walking, he always says how good he feels afterwards. SO, I know the potential is there...maybe I just need to cool it.

    "Delightfully thrifty"...nice, Shannon. I'm SO jealous that you have a washer/dryer at your place--I would KILL for that!

    Becca, you two are so cute. I can only imagine what Ryan will be like as an old man...he's just about there already! haha