Thursday, November 12, 2009

Science Fair projects of today's youth: Weed, meth and deadly gases

My friend Ashley emailed me a link to this hilarious feature on Buzz Feed today about Science Fair projects. I know I already discussed this very topic in this post, but this one is going to be so much better. Here's why:

I know I've been writing too much about farting lately, but this is pretty funny. Apparently his stink bombs smell like cabbage. Hmm, that's not so bad. What would you guess yours smelled like?

Sweet bong, kid. Bet he knows exactly how to hit it, too. So what, his mom let him smoke up in his bedroom for an entire month just for the sake of this "science experiment?" You know Dad was up there hittin' it when Mom was at her PTA meetings, too.

Crystal Meth: Friend or Foe? Well this is a brain-buster. Careful girls, Jodie Sweetin is most likely already on her way to your house as we speak.

Animal Magnetism--this one sounds pretty scientific. However, the real question here is, how did homeboy grow that sweet stache? Anyone who can rock lip fuzz like that is a bonafide badass. A++.

Here we have another little genuis. He found a way to play video games for hours on end without his mom hassling him to "play outside with the other kids." Nice work, A+.
Which one was your favorite and what projects for the Science Fair did you do when you were a kid?

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  1. what teacher accepts these as projects?!?! i think i have a similar email somewhere-i will find it for you.

    i really love all of these. i wonder what the hypothesis was for each experiment...