Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have you ever worn an outfit inspired from something you saw in a magazine?

Yesterday morning the most amazing thing happened on my way to work. I was running a bit late, so I hauled ass off the subway and started walgging (you know when you're walking so fast, you're practically jogging? That's "walgging") to the office. I saw a photo shoot happening up ahead, and as I rushed passed, I saw MY SISTER crouched down styling the model's outfit. I got so excited, I stopped and started waving like a lunatic; I could hardly contain myself. Liza was equally excited to see me, and when she came over we hugged and started jumping up and down. I have no idea why. We see each other every single day in the apartment. I guess it was just neat seeing each other unexpectedly, and at a photo shoot Liza was doing on the streets of New York, no less! In that moment for some reason, in our own small way, I felt like we both had made it. 
Anyway, Liza told me my outfit was cute and when I looked at it later, I realized it was actually something she had inspired! She did a shoot for the November issue of Women's Health on how to layer clothing. It's probably one of my favorite shoots she's done so far. One of the outfits was a magenta top with a black and white stripe top peeking out at the sleeves (p. 49 for anyone who has a copy of the issue!). OK, so my outfit looks nothing like what that model is wearing, but that's where I stole the idea from! Check it out here

I never, ever try to copy things I see in magazines, so I was pretty proud of myself on this one. What about you: Have you ever worn an outfit inspired from something you saw in a magazine?


  1. Totally just had a major moment* when I ran to my work bag, pulled out my November issue (LOVE this mag)and scanned to find said outfit, then got a big smile on my face to see your sis' name as the stylist - TOO cool.

    *This nerd alert brought to you by The Twenty-Fifth Year.

    I love to take inspiration from all kinds of places. A few weeks ago, you posted a pic of a friend rocking black tights and jean shorts - totally remixed it and wore a similar outfit myself that night! Take it where you can get it!

  2. ellen, cute boots!! black boots are totally on my Really, Really Need It list...are they Frye?

  3. OMG, Twenty-Fifth, so cool!!! Women's Health is the best, isn't it? And I'm glad you picked up a style idea from my blog. Let me know if you come across any cute ways to layer, I love it!

    Good spot, Dean! Yes, they are Frye. My bf got them for me for Christmas last year. They aren't cheap, so they're definitely a good item to put on the holiday wish-list. They're water-resistant, so not only are they cool, but functional, too!