Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I did a little pre-birthday shopping. Got a problem with that?

I received some birthday money from relatives this week (Um, am I too old to be getting birthday money?), so I thought it couldn't hurt to buy a few new things. In the past, I have spent birthday money on bills or rent, and while I just might kick myself for spending the money on myself this time, it felt really nice to get a few new pieces. (I give you full permission to throw this back in my face the next time I cry and bitch about how broke I am). 

I got the plaid shirt at GAP and the fur vest at American Eagle. I like mixing casual and dressy pieces—I haven't tried this on together yet, but I think it just might be my birthday outfit! I was tempted to get this denim vest Jenn wrote about on her blog, but I didn't want to have to call her every time we were supposed to hang out to make sure she wasn't wearing it, too. 

GAP is having a buy one, get one FREE sweater sale! I got this for myself and one for my mom's Christmas present. The sweater is a lot prettier in person AND it has pockets!

My boyfriend bought me a cool purple dress from American Apparel as a little pre-birthday present, but it was a bit too snug, so I had to return it. (Actually, it was a lot too snug—mucho back fat was a grande problemo). I exchanged it for this white tee and a pair of black leggings. The scarf is from GAP—I went a little nuts in that store! I could see myself wearing this with my denim button-up shirt and black skinny jeans with either boots or Converse. It's so funny, when I first moved to NYC, I was all about getting the trendiest clothes I could find. Now that I'm more in-tune with my own personal style (it's a work in progress), I know that basics work better for me. 

OK, so I definitely didn't need these pajama pants, but most of the ones I own have holes in them, and I thought it would be really nice to wake up on my 29th birthday in a fresh pair of PJs. (Eek, I'm still trying to find a better way to justify the purchase!)

I really hope you like what I bought because you'll be seeing these pieces over and over again in pictures. I haven't been shopping in so long, that it seriously put me in the BEST mood ever. I told sales clerks to have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! a little too cheerfully, and I even caught myself smiling at several strangers on the street. I just hope I don't come crashing down from this high tomorrow and sink into a deep buyer's remorse stupor. That would suck.

Stores like GAP and American Eagle have really stepped up their game. If you had told me they would be my go-to places a year ago, I wouldn't have believed you. What are your favorite places to shop? And how many crazy people out there are going shopping on Black Friday?! Not this girl. 


  1. No Black Friday shopping for me, those people are nuts over saving a few bucks.

    I will have to say your outfit choices do surprise me, but I can understand how basics are much more economical these days. Maybe you can bring them to DC next month and I can check out this new style, or borrow something of course :) I have a new gray/white striped boyfriend sweater from Ann Taylor Loft that I have worn a lot this fall already.

  2. Of course you can borrow, Becca! Umm, that is, if you even want to :) Why do these choices surprise you? Because they're not trendy? I've heard that Ann Taylor Loft has gotten pretty cool--I need to check it out!

  3. The GAP scarf is gorgeous I love it and it really fits with the white tee!
    And even if you didn't need them, these pajama pants are so pretty!
    Shopping is so great for the mood, enjoy your new clothes ;)

  4. THere is a GAP scarf I am in love with

  5. Hey Ellen! I was flipping through some our our pages on iVillage and found your vest! Is this it?
    LOVE IT!

  6. No, but eeek I think I like that one better! Mine has plaid on the inside. I like it though because it's not too bulky...which is better-suite for short gals like me :)