Friday, November 6, 2009

E-Cards got a facelift

And thank God for that. As cute as they are and always fun to receive, they are pretty damn cheesy. I found these hilarious E-cards from the other day when I was reading a dating blog on

This one took the words right out of my mouth—just as E-cards are intended to do. I am so over this week—all I want to do is sleep! (Sorry for the profanity mom, but at least it's not coming from my mouth this time :))

OMG, love this one! Can someone send this to a guy and report back to me on his reaction?! Please? It's pretty ballsy, but I know I've got some confident, fiery readers out there—just do it!

My friend Alison is the queen of E-cards—birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween—she is on it. (Although, I haven't received one in quite a while, Al). The funniest—as in so bad it was funny—E-card I've ever received was from a guy I "dated" in college. It was Valentine's Day, and I didn't need to shake a Magic 8 ball to tell me that the chance of getting roses or chocolates was "not so good." But, it would have been totally awkward if he had ignored the day altogether, so he sent me an E-card. It was a Valentine's Day rap. I have no recollection what it said, but it was like, in Ebonics. And I think it had a bear on it. Sweet. You know from this post that I'm down with the gangsta' shit, but um, not on Valentine's Day.

What's the best or worst E-card you've ever received? And do you like these cool new snarky ones? I can't wait to send one to somebody!


  1. Hysterical! I love Someecards! They are exactly what you want to say but sometimes can't! Sorry for the lack of e-cards -- they've gone from adorably cheesy to lame lately (or maybe they were always lame :-))and they've started charging. I think I've decided to go back to the old fashion greeting card. I'm obsessed with them! Look out!

    As for an ecard story, I recently received one from a guy I'd just told I wasn't interest. I guess there was a reason we called him "over communicative Andy"! :-)

  2. That's OK Al--I love greeting cards just as much, if not more! You're so good about that, I need to be better.

    So wait, this guy sent you an E-card AFTER you told him you weren't interested. What the heck did it say??

  3. Before I started dating my boyfriend, I sent my mother a someecard that said "My true love is out there somewhere, and they can go fuck themselves." Apparently she opened it on her blackberry and let out an audible gafaw in public.
    Just this week, while I was cranky about being at work I sent her one with a picture of a kid in a play pen that said "Get me the fuck out of here" or something to that effect. This plays on a family joke that my aunt once told my parents they were stifling me by placing me in a play pen as a child. Clearly I have not obtained my full potential because of it :)

  4. Oh Elle -- it was graduation card for my "graduating" from physical therapy (where I met "overcommunicative Andy"). And, seriously my last email to him was not vague -- I basically said, I'm flattered, you're a good guy, it is time to cut our loses (he used those words when he asked if I liked him or not). There are more stories on this one!

  5. I love Ecards, anyone have a good sites?

  6. I LOVE/AM ADDICTED TO SOMEECARDS. when i first discovered this website, i sent about 4 a day. they are EXACTLY what i am thinking. i realized i had a problem when i started quoting them in everyday life and even applied for an unpaid internship to work with them. sad, i know. but they are absolutely hysterical!

    my favorite is "we are total fucking badasses" and has a picture of some guy dressed to the nines, including a hat with feathers in it. they are just amazing.

    also, i might be interested in reading an entire post on "overcommunicative andy"-just fyi.

  7. Sounds like I'm a little late in discovering Someecards! Flip, did u check out the site? The only other one I know about is Blue Mountain, but those tendy to be pretty cheesy. Might be good for a relative or something tho?

    Al, it looks like I'm not the only one that wants to hear more about "overcommunicative andy" haha! Give us the deets!!