Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Beer and Hot Asian Chicks

Wow, I bet I now have a hundred new guy readers from that title alone. Last night we celebrated Jenn's 30th--I mean 23rd birthday--here's how it went down.

After Jenn sent out the party invite, she emailed me and said, "It looks too...too...Asian. Why does it look so Asian?" Um, Jenn, the last time I checked you were Asian. And trust me, that is not a bad thing. It's hottt. This kind of looks like an advertisement for an escort service, no?

Here's Virginia, Nicole, Ariel and Jenn at the pre-party. They're all fashionable. And fabulous. Obvi. Me? Um, yeah, I was wearing an American Apparel V-neck tee and Converse, which is why I won't be in hardly any of the pics today.

Dumplings! YUM. I don't think I have to even tell you that I stayed close to the snack table the entire time. I didn't see many other girls noshing on the food--just the guys. I'm not sure what that says about me? I want to be the girl at the party who drinks her dinner instead of eats it. (That was my mistake--I didn't eat a thing beforehand, so I was starving! But still...)

Fancy chocolates, mmm. They looked too pretty to eat though, so I didn't touch 'em.

I didn't catch this guy's name, but I snapped a pic of him because he was baking an apple pie right in the middle of the party. Sadly, I didn't stick around long enough to sample the finished product.

I love to embarrass Jenn, so I made her this pin. If she had worn it in a place where people would have actually noticed it, like on her boob or her ass, I have no doubt she would have been swapping spit with several lucky suitors last night. Or, maybe she did. Jenn, is there anything you need to tell me?
Here's Jenn with the other birthday girl, Melissa. Lookin' good, ladies!

How awesome is this pic? It totally looks like it should be on the cover of Nylon magazine. No joke. And can we discuss Jenn's lace bodysuit from TopShop? So hot. Only Jenn could pull off something like that. I don't even want to try to imagine what it would look like on me.

I'm totally jeals of Virginia's fur jacket. Shoot, I wish I had asked her where she got it! I'd like a fur (faux, of course) jacket. And a new camera. Oh whattaya know, my birthday is coming up soon! Hint hint ;) Here I am with the birthday girl. Get ready to do it all again soon, Jenn! Now that I think about it, I don't even have any plans for my birthday. Does anyone have any fun suggestions??

So, what's everyone up to this weekend? Tonight I'm going to an H&M/Jimmy Choo party, and Saturday I'm babysitting. Until 3 in the freakin' morning. I'm that desperate for cash. Fun times. Oh, and just because it's Friday, tell me, what do you like better: Beer or hot Asian chicks? My vote is for hot Asians. Duh.


  1. What about hot Asian food AND beer? I thought about suggesting Asian Beer, but our friends in the East can create delicious foods, but their beers are a bit lacking.
    Tonight I am laying low (gonna get a work out in, watch some tv, hang out with the bf) and tomorrow going to Athens for the UGA/Auburn game.

  2. Hot Asian food and beer, I like it. Shannon, I am so jealous that you're going to a football game. I haven't been to a Clemson game in three years! :(

  3. Beer and hot Asian chicks are like my two favorite things! It's too cruel to make me choose! ;)

  4. Looks like it was a BLAST!!! Great title, Ellen :)

  5. this looks so fun, i can't wait for your birthday!!

    ellen-did you catch the clemson/fsu game last weekend? it was intense. to say the least. clemson has two more ACC games (NC State and Virginia) that we need to win and then we will be in the ACC championship. if (WHEN) this happens, we must go watch the game together. the alums watch on east 83rd (ship of fools) so let's make it happen!

  6. I was burping up dumplings all night. That's hot. Maybe that explains the lack of kisses? Thanks for coming out Ellen!!! xxx

  7. Hi Ellen! I ran into your blog through stylemepretty, I love it! So entertaining.. Anyway, I wanted to post because my husband went to Clemson and we're watching right now. Did you guys go there?

  8. p.s. I'd pick beer but he'd probably pick hot Asian chicks....

  9. Hey there, Renee! Yes, I did go to Clemson...graduated oh, um, six years ago! Ack, I feel old! I was more into the tailgating than the actual football games, so sadly, I don't really follow it. Are you living in South Carolina?? I miss it!

    And yes, MA, we should definitely go to Ship of Fools--I need to get into the Tiger spirit. T-I-G-E-RRRRR-S!!! ;)

  10. Nope! We move to the Boken last Feb from the UWS.. We'd probably be at Ship of Fools right now but we bought the ESPN package (yay). He graduated in '01 and played tennis there. I'm from up here and went to a small college in Jers so going to games is SO fun for me! We went down last year, i kinda loved it :) Ps: they're kickin bootay right now

  11. Didn't know you were a southerner! Or did you just go to school in SC? I'm in VA, born & bred.

    Great post. I am so jealous of Jenn--what a beauty. And truly, who could make a hot top like that look so elegant? The pics are fun, and the party looked fun too!

    My birthday is 23 November, how about you? I thought we were FB friends and I was going to check but we aren't, so I'm asking. I have a really good friend whose birthday is 23 November, and I know several other people with that birthday. I found a guy in the UK born the same day, same year!

    Hope your babysitting gig isn't too bad. I remember those babysitting days!!

    Ta Ta! Julie

  12. Yes, Renee, there is NOTHING like a Clemson football game!! Glad they kicked butt today. Maybe I'll run into you at Ship of Fools some time!

    Hey Julie! I'm actually from Kentucky, but went to school in SC. My bday is the 27th—day after Thanksgiving! Hit me up on FB too :) And yeah, I'm getting ready to head out to babysit soon. I really did not think that at 29 years-old I would be babysitting, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do I guess! Have a good night!

  13. My cousin is the 27th!! Day after T-giving this year. 1. Don't you love Thanksgiving because 2. sometimes your birthday is on Thanksgiving? This time, because of leap year, I am going something like 10-11 years without a Thanksgiving birthday. I think the last one was 2006, and I know there isn't a 23 Nov Thanksgiving until after 2015. : ( I like feeling special on Thanksgiving!

    My Granny was born 28 November. I know so many Sagitariuns. My dear friend, Theresa, has a daughter and we sooo didn't want her to be Capricorn, because Sag's are so much more fun, and she is just barely a Sag. 21 Dec.

    Anywho, busy reading and getting ready to go to an arts reception alone. A little worried because it's at the home of someone high in the art world of Richmond, VA, and I'm just nervous. Chrisis of confidence, mostly because of my weight. Oh, well.

    I'll looking forward to reading "Are You Confrontational" but I need to get ready!!

  14. Yes, I agree, Julie--Sags are SO much fun ;) I was actually born on Thanksgiving, so that's pretty cool. It's my favorite holiday and I always said that I didn't know why, but I'm sure my bday has something to do with it!

    And seriously, good for you for going to the reception alone. What is it for? I do things by myself a lot (going to the movie theatre, etc)...sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, but at least you're GOING. So many people wouldn't have the confidence to go by themselves...I know girls who still can't go to the bathroom alone.

    Lately I've been feeling a little down on my appearance too (unruly eyebrows, bitten fingernails, small weight gain, hair that is in desperate need of a cut, etc), and sadly it's made me be like, "ohh, why should I even try." BUT I've decided to turn my attitude around. I might not have the money to buy new clothes or get my nails done, but if I do the absolute best with what I've got, I know I will instantly feel better. That means DIY mani/pedis and trying to mix and match my wardrobe the best I can. I think making effort with little things can make such a big difference--hope you find that's the same for you, too. Have so much fun and let me know how it goes!!