Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Recap

Halloween did not disappoint last night—I had SO much fun. A great night out is the best—especially because it makes you feel a lot less guilty about the late-night pizza and binge drinking that is no doubt damaging your liver.

Here I am with Liza. We're still not sure what she's supposed to be, but I'm a homeless magazine writer—how fitting! People got a kick out of my "Will Blog 4 Food" sign—it was a great networking tactic. I met a lot of people last night, and even took home a couple business cards! (FYI, Don't give me your business card if you don't actually want me to contact you because I WILL.)
Here we have Cruella Deville—this was easily one of my favorite costumes of the night!

Axl and Slash reunited last night. It was badass.

I was totally jealous of Cleopatra's six-pack abs. Love the blue eyeshadow, hun.

Here is Mark and Russ as two characters from the 70's movie, A Clockwork Orange. I had never heard of the movie before last night, but apparently it is a "classic." But after Mark went on and on about how gruesome it is, I don't know if I will ever see it.

Here I am with Tiffany. Doesn't she look pretty? The party was at R Bar, and all the hostesses dressed up as Greek goddesses. Tiff and I haven't partied together in a while, so it was really fun just cutting loose and dancing like maniacs. As soon as I saw Tiff take a shot of tequila and chase it with beer, I knew it was going to be a good night!

So this dude decided to be a cell phone. He gave me an explanation of his costume, but I can't remember a thing he said. I can't decide if this was a cool idea or just plain stupid?

Julie looked gorge in her angel costume.

So ya know how I predicted I'd see a gazillion Lady Gaga costumes? I only saw one. Here's my friend Matt doing his version of Gaga. I don't think he was aware of the fact that she probably has never worn pink a day in her life.

This is Arielle—one of the many fun new people I met last night. I don't know how many peacocks you've seen, but this is by far the hottest one I've ever laid my eyes on. Arielle is a jewelry designer and health counselor in NYC. Check out her site here. I could definitely use a little health inspiration these days!

Rachel Zoe was another one of my favorite costumes. I had actually thought about being her, but after realizing I'd have to lose 30 pounds in order to do the costume justice, I decided to be a bum.

Well, now I'm off to try to catch part of the NYC Marathon to take some pics and hand out my leftover candy from last night. Then, I have to go into the office to clock in a few extra hours for the project I'm doing at The Knot. My contract is up Tuesday, and I have no idea what's in store for me next. Ugh, let's not even think about that right now!

So tell me, how was your Halloween? What was the best costume you saw? And which of these costumes do you like best?


  1. Never heard of Clockwork Orange... it's one of my favorite movies and introduced me to "film" as opposed to "movies". My sister took me to see it at a midnight show at the Ramsey cinema and on that night I decided to go to film school... I didn't become a movie director... yet(still haven't given up)...but, it is a special and favorite movie of mine. I recommend you rent it as I believe you are a very smart young woman and open minded enough to appreciate a film that might be more relevant today (gang violence, mind control thru video imagery) then it was then... any woman clever enough to create a costume like yours can handle a little Stanley Kubrick! P.S. it's based on a great book by Anthony Burgess if you'd rather read the source material.

  2. Hmm, maybe I will see the movie now. You've convinced me, Joe. I'll report back and let you know what I think!

    PS. It was just brought to my attention that those two girls with Matt are in Lady Gaga costumes as well. So I saw THREE LG's last night.

  3. Oh, AND, obviously I decided not to wear the American Apparel glasses. I hope I get use out of them for something else!!! I think I got suckered in by the word "SALE."

  4. A Clockwork Orange is an important part of modern culture. I second the recommendation you see it.

    As for cool costumes last night: a good friend from law school hosted a party at her loft. Her last name is Sanders, so she has been lovingly referred to as "The Colonel" for a while. Her boyfriend wore a white suit with a little bolo tie and she wore an outfit made of feathers, orange tights, and a chicken mask - so HE was "The Colonel" and she was his Chick. It was a cute couples costume that played off of her name, and she actually looked kinda sexy in it.

  5. Oh that is a cute costume idea, Shannon! And how did your hipster costumes work out??

  6. that I'm looking at your costumes, I swear I saw you guys walking down Orchard street while I was eating dinner @ Sticky Rice on Sat! Or maybe that was some other Clockwork Orange + girl in beanie couple...ha

  7. Oh my gosh, that is nuts, Lauren. My boyfriend lives right in that area, so you probably did see us! Love Sticky Rice, btw. Good and cheap, just how I like it :)

  8. Hipster = costume fail. I think I am just too preppy to pull it off. I did bring a pack of PBR to the party as part of the costume, and that was consumed by all. So at least I brought beer with me...

  9. Bummer, good call on the PBR though. Let me know if you're ever in NYC. I can take you to Williamsburg--it will be hipster heaven.