Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fact or Fiction: Being preggo gives you an excuse to eat whatever the hell you want.

I've never had a bun in the oven, so I have no idea if the pickles and ice cream cravings are real or not. My mom says no. She carried three and a half children in her belly for nine months (I count as more than one), and only gained 37 pounds. Her doctor was really strict, so she followed his orders exactly--with the occasional pint of Ben & Jerry's, of course.

So you know that my BFF Bethenny Frankel is preggers, right? Well, I've been stalking her on Twitter recently, and she's tweeted a lot about what she's been eating. Surprisingly, her menu has consisted of: cheeseburgers, fries, potato skins, big bowls of pasta and buckets of movie theater popcorn. Whoa, even the almighty,"I eat vegetables for dinner and I love it" Bethenny Frankel is normal. Now, knowing Bethenny, she's eating two potato skins, not 20, but I guess it's cool that she's enjoying her pregnancy and indulging a bit more than usual.

So yeah, I can't really relate to this topic yet, but I do tend to eat for two pretty frequently. Remember this post when someone actually asked me if I was preggo because I was stuffing my face with chicken fingers and curly fries at the movies? Yeah, that wasn't too fun.

So whether you can fully relate or not, what are your opinions on eating while you're pregnant? Is it a free pass to eat whatever the hell you want? I'd like to think I'll go the healthy route like my mom, but that might be a challenge. We'll see!


  1. They say to eat for 1.33333, not for two :) But I WILL say that it's hard to stick to healthy foods. Not everyone gets cravings, but when you do, there's no denying it. (Some preggos even crave chalk or dirt if their iron is low.) For me, one month it would be apples...but then the next it would be chicken wings. I just went with it. I gained 50 pounds but lost it all, so no harm no foul!

  2. Chalk or dirt?! Yiikes. I pray my cravings come in the form of ice cream and burritos. And pizza. And Lucky Charms. And...I'll stop now!

  3. No honey, not true on the eating whatever you want. I mean, you can...but the weight you gain is your fault, no the baby's fault. My mother weighed 115 lbs. before her first pregnancy and was about 150 at the end of it, and that's an approximation, and we all came into the world healthy. One of my best friends ate nothing but meatball subs and salt 'n' vinegar chips...so then again, I guess we can either say it's subjective, and/or it's a mental thing, you hear people saying "eat for two" and "have crazy cravings" so much you automatically think you're supposed to...not so my da'lings!

  4. pregnant woman use that as an excuse for far more than eating a lot of shitty food.

  5. Hi Audrey! Sounds like you totally agree with what my mom said as well. An only 37 pound weight gain with triplets is pretty amazing, so that's definitely something that will inspire me whenever my time comes to have kids. I was half-kidding about the burritos and ice cream...but only HALF kidding ;)

    Ha, Flip, I can always count on you for a funny comment!

  6. I can't comment on the preggo status, but I do think that non-pregnant ladies use PMS as an excuse to eat poorly. And then you arguably need more iron at best. Sweets are actually bad for cramps (but damn a kit kat bar is awesome around that time).
    Kara is totally right about the chalk/dirt phenomenon. There is a mineral mined in middle/south Georgia called Kaolin that some pregnant women would chew. It was actually the main ingredient in Kaopectate for a while.
    Gross...but kinda neat at the same time from a nerdy science point of view.


  7. Whoa, that is crazy, Shannon! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your nugget of scientific knowledge :)