Thursday, November 5, 2009

My best friend has a new best friend? Say whaaat?

When one of my very best friends, Courtenay (pronounced Courtney) called me a few months ago and said, "I'm coming to New York!" I was sooo excited. But then everything that came out of her mouth after that is a bit of a blur. She said something about coming with a group of friends, girls I didn't even know, and that they had planned to shop till they drop, and go to broadway plays and...yeah...that's all I remember. Basically, she wasn't coming to NYC for me

Who are these friends? And why don't I know who they are? I'm too confident in my friendship with Court to be jealous per se, but it made me realize that yes, things do change. It's kind of like in this post when I wrote about how it's hard to have an "everything friend" the older you get. Nothing stays the same forever.

I mean, I have a million friends in NYC that Court has never met, so it's not like I want her to be friendless, holed up in her house in South Carolina, sitting on her couch and playing with her dog every Friday night. (Umm, or do I? Juuust kidding). I guess what I'm saying here is that it's just plain weird. The good ol' college days when we were attached at the hip are long, long gone. 

I'm aware that I already used this pic in this post. I had planned on posting a pic of Court and I from last year when she was in NYC, but I just realized that those pics magically vanished from my Facebook page when Court deactivated her account the other day. Ohh well.

Here's a more recent pic of Court—isn't she purty? I love the brown hair, dah'ling. (If I were a blonde, I'd want to be a brunette too ;) Check out my theory on hair color here.) She flies in tonight, and I think we're going to try to meet up for a drink, or five, and then hopefully do brunch over the weekend and catch up and laugh enough to last us until the next time we get to see each other. 

And, I must give Court credit. She did come to visit me and ONLY me in The Big Apple a couple years ago. She surprised me actually—it was awesome!!! And, it's totally my fault that I don't get to see her, or my other best friend from college, Leah, more often. I'm the broke one who can just barely afford rent, let alone a plane ticket! Don't worry ladies, it won't be this way forever. My day is coming, and change is on the horizon—I can feel it. 

So tell me: Can anyone else relate to their BFFs making new BFFs? Did it bother you? Or am I just being a big baby—again?


  1. i hate this about myself. i just don't like it when my friends get other friends! i want us all to be in a big group and love each other! usually though, i wind up meeting my old friend's new friends and love them, but are right. things change. and i hate it. but i also love it at the same time.

    i hope you have so much fun!!!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one, MA! I guess it's a "territorial" thing, but you're right, you usually end up loving the new friends too!