Monday, November 30, 2009

Who's your guy's celebrity crush?

My boyfriend doesn't have one. Seriously, he doesn't. There have been times when I have practically begged him to tell me, and he can't name anyone. (But c'mon, I'm not naive enough to think he doesn't talk to his friends about who he thinks is hot). It makes me feel bad because I get all hot and bothered every time I see a movie with any of my celebrity crushes (And you know I have a lot). It's a good thing he didn't come to see New Moon with me because I almost couldn't contain myself every time Taylor Lautner took his shirt off. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed Liza with my audible, "Daaamn!" and "Oh-my-god-he's-so-hot" comments. Umm yeah, he's 17.

Of course, on occasion my boyfriend will comment about an actress being cute during a movie we're watching—that's only natural. It never bothers me IF I agree with him. I think we were watching Something's Gotta Give when he said Amanda Peet was pretty. I was totally cool with that because I love her. She has that kind of quirky-cool personality with enviable cute-pretty looks (some women are cute and some are pretty—she is both)—I think she's fabulous. But then, there have been times where he's commented on a blonde celeb (I don't remember who, I think I blocked it from my memory), and you know how I feel about blonde celebrities from this post. But, Megan Fox doesn't do it for him, and I'm very grateful for that. I can't stand the girl.

What about your boyfriend, husband or guy friends: Who do they go gaga for? Does it bother you?


  1. George is madly in love with Jenny McCarthy, ever since Singled Out. I brought him to an ABC Family event a few years ago and he got to meet her -- she slapped him because he hadn't seen her last movie. I'm pretty sure it was the best moment of his life up to that point. Our Christmas card that year was George and Jenny :)

  2. Wait. Ellen. Not to blow up your comments, but I just remembered this and had to share -- after G saw Transformers, he was like, "OMG, Shia LeBeouf is hot!" I was kinda worried until a few context clues later, when I realized he actually meant Megan Fox. He just wasn't paying enough attention during the credits :) Luckily he's over her now -- she is AWFUL.

  3. I thought Ryan's crush was Marisa Miller, but I asked and he now says Anne Hathaway. Now I know why he didn't complain very much when I was watching Bride Wars! But I would agree that I would prefer his crush be a blonde.

  4. HAHAHAHA kara! he got shia and megan confused?!? not sure how either of them would feel about that...

    i LOVE amanda peet-she seems so cool and quirky like you said. also, we passed each other in the crosswalk a couple months ago and she has a "real" body (including hips!) which is cool to me. especially sine i saw kate hudson the day after the yankees won the world series, and i didn't understand how she could even walk her legs were so thin...

    i am glad luke doesn't like megan fox. i dated a guy who thought angelina was the hottest thing on the planet and it bothered me to no end-mostly because she just seems so...i don't know...ICK or something...

  5. OMG, Kara, I totally remember the Jenny McCarthy Singled Out days...every guy I went to school with was obsessed with her! That's awesome that G got to meet her! And I'm glad he's over Shia/Megan Fox, haha. Yes, she's hot, but she's an idiot. She tries to sound SO intellectual, but she never succeeds...she can't fool me. And yes, MA, it is annoying when guys like girls like her or's

    And Becca, I'm surprised that Ryan likes Anne Hathaway! I'm very impressed though...she's beautiful, but not your typical "hot" girl. I guess your hubby has matured a bit :) And I'm glad you understand the whole blonde/brunette thing. It's like, you want your guy to like a celeb that remotely looks like you...otherwise it's like WTF?! is that what you REALLY like?? Ya know?

  6. My husband also doesn't really say who he finds attractive. But then again I also kind of keep that to myself. He said a long time ago that he thinks Michelle Pfeiffer is beautiful, which can't be denied. I know what you mean about the blonde/brunette, I'm a brunette! I think I remember him saying that he liked Anjelica Huston, which I liked, brunette and quirky/beautiful. It's funny because I have had so many people tell me that they think I look like Amanda Peet (of course in a real person way I'm sure, I don't think I am that beautiful!), but my husband says that he doesn't find her attractive! What?!