Sunday, November 22, 2009

What pops up when you Google your name?

I Googled my name the other day just for the hell of it to see what would pop up. The first things I saw were pretty standard--my Facebook and Twitter account, as well as a couple articles I'd written. There's one really embarrassing quote I gave a friend for a dating article she wrote that starts off, "When I met Mr. Right..." So, I'm pretty sure I never said those exact words, but I did give the friend liberty to change my words around if she neeed to, and apparently, she needed to. But that's fine--I can handle people thinking I'm a little "Velveeta," as my friend Joyann says.

One thing that really isn't cool though, is that there is a dog kennel owner in the U.K. named Mary Ellen Collis (pictured above) who was recently found guilty for abandoning 100 St. Bernards while she vacationed in Tenerife. I found that on the second page of my Google search. Supposedly, her partner encouraged the vacay because she was so stressed about her dire financial situation. (Um, is she dating Michael Vick?!) Right. So the next time I'm struggling to pay rent, I'll just flee to Spain so I can get my tan-on and forget about all my worries and responsibilities--that makes perfect sense.

I'm ashamed to have the same last name as this woman! Click here to read the article. Be prepared though, the pictures of the neglected pooches will seriously break your heart.

What about you guys: What pops up when you Google your name? And while we're at it: Is Googling someone before a date a Do or a Don't? (I'd never ever do that, but I know people in New York who do!)


  1. 1) My firm profile
    2) Facebook/linked In
    Apparently there is an artist in California, close to my age, named Shannon Shipley. She has been accidentally receiving evites and family chain emails from me for about four years now. And her boyfriend wrote a post to his blog or profile that said "I love Shannon Shipley." That would come up when I googled myself for a while. I was okay with the fake affirmation.


  2. Haha, that's funny Shannon. Yeah, at least you don't share a name with a DOG KILLER. ughh

  3. I remember about a year and a half ago, I was googling myself to find an article I had written when I came across "Riches v Caitlin Meals."

    Apparently, Mr. Riches is a convict who has filed suit on everyone from Britney Spears to, well, me. It was in relation to an article I wrote that had absolutley nothing to do with him and nothing ever came of it. Still, not every day you see that!

  4. Haha, OMG, that's kinda crazy, twentyfifth!!