Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drunk dialing: Do you still do it?

I don't care how old you are, if you're single, you are still drunk dialing. Don't even deny it because I won't believe it if you do. Drunk dialing was the basis of one of my "relationships" in college. If we didn't hang out that night, we'd call each other wasted so that we could confess just how much we liked each other, after of course, disclosing several times how drunk we were. The next day, we'd act like nothing happened and then the cycle would repeat itself all over again. Fun times.

After that relationship, I continued to drunk dial. (Don't worry Mom, I'm not talking about booty calls--if you even know what that is, haha). I don't even think I actually liked doing it, but it became such a habit that I did it all the time. I'm pretty sure I got drunk just so I'd have an excuse to call the guys I had crushes on. How pathetic is that?!

So after I had been dating my boyfriend for about a month, I went on a trip to Destin, Florida with a group of friends from college. Our first night there was a wild one, but I wanted to let him know that I was thinking about him instead of smooching other boys. (Hey, the relationship was new). So what did I do? You guessed it! When he answered his phone at 3am, he did not seem too enthused to hear my voice. "Heeeey! What r u doiiiinng?! I'm having sooo much fuuuun! Why are you sleeeeping? It's only...Oh, OK, talk to you tomooorrrow." Click. I soon found out that my boyfriend doesn't do the whole drunk dialing thing, and after that night, I didn't either.

So tell me friends: Do you still drunk dial? When was the last time you did it and what went down? SPILL.IT.


  1. I think this post dove-tails nicely with the previous one: phone anxiety cured by booze.
    I have not drunk dialed in some time. Though with the advent of the smart phone I have engaged in drunk texting and drunk emailing. Which is bad because there is a record of your escapades.

  2. LMAO!!! Oh man, I have done some STUPID things while drunk and in posession of a cellular device:). Less so in my 30's but it still happens every so often.

    It makes life a little more interesting:)

  3. Guilty. I'm more of a drunk texter than caller though. Single or in a relationship, to my guy friends or girlfriends, I'm guilty. It is typically because in my drunken stupor I think they will find something as amusing as I do or I see something that reminds me of them. The next day not so much. :-) Luckily, I'm more likely to drunk text while day drinking. But, it always leads to a good laugh in end.

  4. Ohh yesss, drunk texting and emailing is the BEST! I do that a lot more than drunk dialing these days.

    C'mon, Barbara, share a story with us! Pleaze?

    Al, I expect a good drunk text from you soon! ;)

  5. um, i drunk dial people all the time. and i usually like to sing into their voicemails when they don't answer. mostly i drunk text though. just like alison said, it's always because i just KNOW the person i am texting wants to know exactly what the person sitting at the bar did that was so funny. for example, once i texted someone that i had gotten free chicken wings from someone on a bicycle. to this day, i have no idea if that actually happened!

    i am more mature now (haha) so i will give my phone to a friend if i feel the urge to dial or type. although once i did that and as soon as i got home i tried to call my college boyfriend (um, we broke up like 5 years ago-please don't ask me how i remembered his number) and thank goodness it was disconnected. WHEW!

  6. p.s. the best it when my mom drunk texts me. it usually starts with "CALL ME" and when i express my concern that something is wrong, it's usually followed by "nothing. i am with laura (her bad influence friend). she is drunk, but i am not. she says she isn't drunk but i don't believe her. i just can't remember the name of that little store we went to when we were in chicago 6 years ago. remember, the one with the candy canes? CALL ME."

    once she even drunk dialed me on new years eve. she was on a PARTY BUS (with laura of course) and she told me they were listening to 80's music and laura was sitting on a boy's lap....it was extra depressing because i was at home having a low key new years with some friends....