Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What motivates you to exercise when it's cold outside?

When it's cold outside, my motivation to workout goes from about an eight to a Homer Simpson. And it sucks. This morning I had planned to get up super-early to squeeze in a run before yoga, and it just didn't happen. Well, I did make it to yoga, but just barely. I was so warm and snugly in my bed that I didn't even feel guilty about taking that extra hour of sleep. However, now I'm really wishing I had dragged my booty outta bed. Umm helllo, Ellen, Thanksgiving is in two days! Ugh, going into the holidays (and my 29th birthday!) feeling like a fatass is not ideal.

I need to get more outside runs in before it starts snowing because I really don't enjoy running in Central Park when the ground is icy. There are plenty of die-hard New Yorkers who run in inclement weather, but I am not one of them. I don't want this morning to set the precedent for the rest of the winter. Maybe I should take up a new class (pole dancing, or zumba, perhaps?) to switch things up. Hmm...

So what do you guys do to stay motivated to exercise when the temps start dropping? I need help!! Oh, and on a similar note, check out this slideshow I did for Glamour.com!


  1. I just account for there being some days when I cannot bring myself to deal with the cold, so I come up with indoor solutions that I can still get pumped up about. Winter is the perfect time to try out new classes!

    I love the Glamour slideshow... I think I can relate to little bits of all the different reasons for motivation!

  2. I try to go out whenever the weather is nice, even if it's cold. Cold weather also goes hand in hand with holiday treats so my motivation is that if I want to partake in the treats, I have to stay active. I also have a pair of jeans that are tight on me and my goal is to fit in them comfortably or a little loosely. If they are starting to get tighter, I need to get moving.If the cold stymies you,try buying one of those little trampolines. I love mine. I throw in my Lacuna Coil live or some other rockin' concert video and shadow box, run in place or just hop up and down as the music plays. I do that for one song and then hop off and do a arm curl or military press set with my 30 lb dumbbells between songs, and then back on when the next tune begins. A great and fun workout!

  3. There was an article in the NYTimes not too long ago about this. Actually, your slide show was far more helpful than the article was, because the article basically just talked about maniacs who ride bikes through snow storms and crap like that.
    Luckily, the weather in Atlanta has been pretty great all through October and November. Only this week (the week the eating begins no less) did the weather get icky, wet, and chilly. I have started to go to some different group fitness classes at the different gym locations around town to mix it up. But if the sun is out on a weekend, a long walk through the woods is in order for sure.

  4. I *love* the way you phrase your lack of cold weather workout motivation: "my motivation to workout goes from about an eight to a Homer Simpson. And it sucks." That's a perfect way to sum it up and I have to agree whole-heartedly. It reminds me of the way I skipped my wonderful pilates class just 3 hours ago because "it's too cold out"; this is an indoor class and I have no excuse for excuses like that. Enjoyed the glamour.com slideshow. I'll give it another shot tomorrow with tennis, and will hopefully have a more successful outcome to report:)

  5. Well, the slideshow told you my motivation and both are relevant to cold, yucky days. Biggest Loser and Jillian's 30-Day Shred ROCK! Honestly, if my body can be that sore after 20 minutes with a mat and hand weights in the comfort of my home, the excuses don't work anymore!

  6. Glad you guys liked the slide show--I thought it was pretty inspirational, too! And yes, Becca, I need to try Jillian's workout videos!

    Did you make it to tennis, Emily?? I did a run this am--woohoo! (Only 2 miles, but still...)

    Joe, I'm not so sure about the trampoline--especially in my teeny apartment. I'm pretty sure my neighbors would hate me, too. Good in theory though :)

    Shannon, I'm so jealous of your weather! It's times like this I wish I lived in the South!!

  7. Luckily it doesn't get very cold here in New Orleans. The coldest it's been recently is highs in the low 60s. But it can still get pretty chilly and damp to the point where you don't want to go exercise outside. What's tough for me is that it gets dark so early and I don't feel safe going to to the park at night. I have been doing jazzercise for a while (kind of lame I know), but it's so much fun, and a really good workout! I also like having a structured class to go to, otherwise it's really hard for me to get motivated.

  8. Low 60s?! I'm so jealous!!! Wow, jazzercise is totally old school, that's awesome, JKW! :) I don't think I've actually done it though...what is it like?

  9. There are actually a lot of young people in my class. It's about 40 minutes of cardio/aerobics, then about 20 minutes of weights/abs, etc. It's all cardio/dance type routines set to pretty decent music. If you like dance/aerobic type workouts, it's fun, and I definitely break a sweat. But then again I am not a hardcore workout person....