Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Were you in a sorority?

I was. Some people are surprised by this, and I must say, I take that as a compliment. 'Cause ya know, mainstream anything is just so not cool in New York. Obviously, I'm kidding. You know I don't give a shit about what's "cool" and what isn't. My love for The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus runs deep, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But I suppose it is a compliment in the sense that I'm not so easy to categorize. I've always considered myself a "mixed breed."

Rush can be a nightmare for some (the process is a bit ridiculous), but I have to admit that I loved it. I got lucky and didn't get cut from any of the sororities at Clemson, so I got to choose. (I have no idea why. Maybe they needed an actual Greek girl to meet some sort of quota?) So what did I pick?

Say it with me now: "Delta, Delta, Delta--Can I help ya, help ya, help ya?" Oh yeah, I've heard that once or twice. This SNL skit is hilarious. While getting into my sorority of choice was a big confidence booster (and something I very much needed my freshman year of college), I can't say my actual experience was amazing. I made wonderful friends, two who I know will be best friends for life, but it was kinda like high school all over again. The South Carolina girls kept their cliques tight, so there wasn't much room for me; I gave up trying after a while. My group: Courtenay, Leah, Mary, Whitney and Lauren were the outsiders, and that was cool. While everyone else was trying to decide which KA they would hook up with that night to increase their chances of being invited to the next semi-formal, we were together laughing our asses off. Whether we were taking ten too many Red-headed Slut shots or eating a hungover lunch at Ruby Tuesday, we always had a blast.

We were kinda like the misfits in House Bunny, haha! You'd think that a Kentucky girl would fit in better at a South Carolina school, but I really didn't. It was partly my fault--I didn't embrace the culture very much. I didn't wear pearls around my neck or ribbons in my hair, or even bother learning how to shag dance. And I most certainly had no interest in the southern boys with shaggy hair who knew just how to "Yes ma'am" and "No sir" any parent to death. (To be fair, they didn't want any of THIS either). So I'm not really sure why I picked the most southern sorority on campus? I just went with my gut, and I'm glad I did. Really.

I'm starting to sound a bit bitter about my sorority experience, and I don't like it. I don't want to be like the chubby kid from high school who just can't let it go. The majority of the girls really were super-nice. And cool. There were a handful of bitches, who I later realized were just insanely insecure, but it was nothing like you see in the movies. Movies paint a very bad picture of sororities--it's not all sex and partying and semi-naked pillow fights. I actually participated in a lot of great philanthropies as a Tri-Delt. Check out my friend, Autumn's, blog here to see her thoughts on sorority life.

Greek life is something most people have an opinoin on, whether it's good, bad or indifferent. So tell me: Were you in a sorority or fraternity? What was your experience like?


  1. I had to just google sorority, fraternity and shag dance... :)

  2. Haha, I love my U.K. friends!!!

  3. Ellen my husband felt the same way which is why he moved to NY and married a girl from Brooklyn :)

  4. I was president of my sorority, thank you very much! I am, like you Ellen, not the typical sorority girl. But I was glad for the experience, the leadership opportunities, and the sense of comfort that came with being in a sorority. I lived in the house 2.5 years, which was awesome. I look back on those days fondly - waiting in line for dinner, saying grace together, decorating the house at Christmas, recruitment, etc.
    Greek life is not for everyone, and it is very highly regulated at places like UGA, but if you go to a big school it can be a way to network and make your world feel more manageable.
    And I still know all of the silly Rush songs...

  5. I was in the same fraternity as your brother, just a few years later. I loved it while i was in it. Over it now.

  6. I was on the executive council for my sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha). I had an incredible Greek experience while in college, but I also decided not to rush until my sophomore year. I think that made my activities more well-rounded because I had people and things to do outside of my sorority. (Note: none of the sororities had houses which is probably why I still love my experience!) And while I made great friends with my sisters, after graduation (no more weekly chapters and events) it's really easy to lose touch with people. However I've connected with my alumni group in the city and have found some incredible people!

  7. haha, glad I wasn't the only one that felt that way, Renee!

    Oh cool, so you went to UK, Flip? Are you from KY?

    Fitchic, I've been meaning to get back in touch with the NYC Tri-delt alum group and you just reminded me! thanks! It is hard to keep in touch...especially because most of my sorority friends live down south!

  8. Yea i went to UK, from central kentucky, lebanon. Home of Makers Mark.