Saturday, November 21, 2009

Which celeb hairstyle do you covet?

So remember this post when I told you I had set a record for the amount of time I'd gone without a haircut? Well it's now been over three months, and I just can't take it anymore. I know I might regret spending the money later, but since I've been getting my $38 hair cuts all year long, I'm going to treat myself by going to a fancy salon, Bumble and Bumble. The reason I'm going to the nice place is because for the first time in my LIFE I'm getting a new style!

When I came across this picture of Lily Allen, I knew it was the cut I wanted. Isn't she so cute?I'm going to leave it in the hands of the hair dresser, Valentino. If for some reason he doesn't think this would work for my hair, I'll let him make adjustments. I've never had bangs before, so this should be interesting! Somehow I have a feeling the cut won't look as drastic as I'm imagining, but I hope it at least looks a little different--I might not feel this daring ever again!

I'm going to try to snap a few pics inside the salon, even though I can already imagine how many stank eyes will be shot in my direction when the flash goes off. I will definitely have to play that by ear, but either way, I will post a picture of my new 'do later today.

So what to you guys think: Do you like this style for me? (The only answer at this point is YES). Is anyone else thinking about trying a new cut? Which celeb hairstyle would you kill for?


  1. Love it! Probably because that's the cut I got last month! Except I had to bring an old pic of Ashlee Simpson...haha. It's so easy to maintain, which is good because I'm lazy. I'm in need of a touch-up though.

  2. Yea for a new 'do! I am about to get my haircut too and it's the first one since the wedding so I don't have to worry about that. I would love to try something new, but not sure what. I have really liked Jenni Garth's hair lately on 90210, but is it even possible to get a celeb 'do without all their resources??

  3. I'm lazy too, Kara..I THINK this will be pretty easy to maintain. Although, it didn't look so simple when the hairdresser was showing me how to blow it dry! He said, "Oh, you just do this, and this, and flip it out like this...and..." Umm yeah, not so easy.

    Becca, what has Jenni Garth's hair been looking like these days? I never watch 90210. She's gotta stay smokin' good for her hot hubby, Peter Facinelli!