Monday, October 19, 2009

How often do you get your hair cut?

I know I've been bitching and moaning about everything under the sun lately, so if you're sick of hearing it, then don't read any further. (I'm just kidding! Keep reading...pretty please?) So remember this blog when I told you I set a record for going months without a professional mani/pedi? Well, I have set a new record--with my hair.

I usually get my hair cut every five to six weeks, but it has been nine weeks since my last haircut because I just can't afford it right now. It's probably not such a big deal to some of you who only get you hair did three times a year, but it is for me.

OK, so once my hair starts getting too long, two things happen: 1.) It's totally flat all of the time. 2.) It takes on a mullet-shape. I know it doesn't look so bad in this pic, but trust me, it is. You should see the back--it does this gnarly flip out thing. It is not cute.

Once a year, I go to Bumble and Bumble for a kick ass haircut and blow dry. (For one out of the 365 days, I have celebrity hair). The rest of the time I go to the hair salon I've been going to for the past five years. It costs $38, and I do not get my hair blown out. (Sometimes my hair dresser takes pity on me and dries it for free). The cut isn't as good as going to the fancy place, but it does the job.

I actually kind like going to my cheap hairdresser because she doesn't try to convince me I should try a new style or that the $20 glossy wash-in conditioner is so worth it. She knows I'm broke and boring when it comes to my hair. I always get a quarter-inch trim, and if I'm feeling really crazy, I go for a half-inch.

I also like my girl because she doesn't insult my hair like so many other hairdressers have in the past. Just about every hairdresser I've been to just can 't believe how thin my hair is for some reason. I am not kidding. I know my hair is thin and I hate it, but what the hell do you want me to do about it? A guy I dated in college even pointed it out to me one time. Like seriously people? I am a Collis, and while Collis' are no doubt the biggest badasses that ever walked the earth, we are not known for our thick, lustrous locks.

Ok, sorry, I'm a bit grumpy. And bitter. What else is new? On the bright side, I might take this opportunity to try some new 'dos. I can't stand Lauren Conrad, but I do love that front fishbone style braid she's been rocking for the past year. Maybe I'll try that.

Tell me: How often do you get your hair cut and how much does it cost??


  1. I don't cut my hair often enough, and when I do I go to a "new talent" salon in Atlanta because it is cheaper. I have fine hair, so it does the flat/mullet thing as well.

    And complain away. I sometimes find that the only pants that fit are my "cranky pants" so I let the cranky wash over me and then wake up one day feeling better.


  2. I am actually on my way to get a hiarcut right now because its been way too long.. And as a guy its great clips for $12 and I splurge for the wash and dry afterwards.. But about every 3rd haircut I go to a barber shop with nothing but old men wasting the day away.. haircut isnt event that great but they make being old look so cool..

  3. Every two days. A Mach 3 blade costs about $1.50 and lasts me about a month so... $0.10 a cut!

  4. Thanks for letting me vent, SCS. Glad you can relate.

    And I'm SO jealous of the guys and their cheap haircuts. Cincy, you're making me want to check out a barber shop in NYC just for the experience. That would be sweet! (Side note: Isn't Chris Rock doing a movie about barber shops or something? That should be funny...)

  5. It's a documentary about racial issues & hair.

  6. I can sooooo relate. Since I have started making less money I hardly ever get my haircut which totally sucks because I LOVE my hair short. Its frustrating because I usually pull it back when it gets long enough to go into a ponytail and that really stinks. I have a job now so you have me thinking I should maybe put aside money for haircuts-sounds ridiculous but thats the only way I will go!!! I have naturally curly hair and it is sooooo hard to find someone good to cut it how I like it. I usually end up driving 3 hours back to Lex to get it done and this girl only charges me $25 since she has been doing it my entire life. Sorry this was so long, but you got me thinking. Now I need a haircut.