Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What little health-conscious things do you do that make a big difference?

I just discovered the other day that my gym is a block away from work (I have a "golden" membership, so I can go to any NYSC in the city). I was excited to try it out just to switch things up a bit. Now you know from this post that I am all for taking the stairs, but when I saw this never-ending staircase in front of me, I contemplated taking the elevator. I was exhausted just looking at it. But, since I'm really trying to squeeze in extra exercise any way I can these days, I decided to go for it.

About a third of the way up, I heard someone behind me. She kept getting closer and closer. There is no way I'm letting her pass me, I thought, so I picked up the pace to what felt like a sprint. (Yes, I am competitive--even on the stairwell). I was breathing pretty heavily by the time I got to the top--What is this, a workout before my workout? I thought. But I felt good. It's just like any time you exercise--you're not ever going to regret doing it.

So I'd say this is the number one thing I do to go that extra mile. I walk as much as possible (which isn't hard to do in NYC), and take the stairs whenever I can. The other thing I do on a daily basis is drink water. TONS of it. TMI WARNING: By the end of the day my pee looks like water. It keeps me hydrated and feeling full--I love it.

And yesterday, I followed Bethenny Frankel's advice and tried to make my lunch more visually appealing. Usually, I just eat my 6" turkey sub on top of the plastic Subway wrapper it comes in, but look how much prettier it looks on this bright plate. Even though I had eaten this same meal for dinner the night before, I was so excited to eat it on this watermelon-colored plate, that I was practically skipping back to my desk with it. This just confirms what I said in this post: Bethenny Frankel, you are a genuis.

Last week, the guy behind me in line at the grocery store started doing bicep curls with a jug of water. He's going to have to do a lot more than THAT to impress me, I thought. But then his super-hot, skinny bitch of a girlfriend came up and gave him a big smooch on the lips. Boy did I feel dumb.

So tell me: Whether it's taking the stairs or doing bicep curls in the grocery store--what are the little health-conscious things you do that make a big difference?


  1. 1) I got really nervous that you had posted a picture of your diluted urine on the blog. Thank God you did not. I was pleased with the cute plate/sub photo.
    2) I walk and take stairs whenever I can, as well. Laps around the office, strolls around the neighborhood, etc. It won't make me loose weight, but it will keep me from going nuts at my desk and stave off the "attorney ass".

  2. I try to drink water or unsweetened green tea with at least one meal a day to save on the calories and sugar of a soft drink. Those calories add up. On a more fun note I bought a 4 foot trampoline and have it sitting in my living room and I bounce around on it like an idiot while watching TV. Burns calories and it's lots of fun!

  3. Oh my gosh I am with you on the stairs. I never took the elevator at work until my surgery. Now I am counting down the days to take the stairs again -- good exercise and as an easy bonus, I have a mini-fear of elevators.

    Now for a funny confession, I do standing ab exercises and squats while I dry my hair. I figure it's 5 minutes of exercise and passes the time. I know, I know. Ready to be made fun of on that one.

  4. Attorney's ass, haha, Shannon I like it.

    And Joe, I can just imagine you bouncing around on a little trampoline. That's pretty funny, but a damn good idea. I always feel like i should be doing SOMETHING when I'm plopped in front of the TV!

    Alison, what a good idea about doing exercises while you dry your hair. I always get so bored! What ab exercises do you do?

  5. is that the nysc on spring street? i am almost ashamed to admit i have taken the elevator there a couple times. ugh. once i even had to take the elevator down because of a super brutal spinning class.

    i have tried to do those exercises you can do at your desk but i usually just feel dumb.

  6. I saw the standing abs workout on E! News it is the "Catt Sadler ab workout." You're suppose to stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, keep your hips in place, pull you belly button in, and slide your rib cage from side to side. At about 50 times back and forth it does start to burn. I figure it can't hurt -- she is tiny-tiny and has a kid! Beware you do look pretty funny doing it! :-)