Thursday, October 8, 2009

FREE Makeup+FREE Alcohol=Bliss

You guys know how excited I get by anything that has the word FREE attached to it, but a night of FREE makeup and booze? Now that is beyond my wildest dreams. So when fellow blogger Camila invited me to Shecky's Beauty Night Out last night, I couldn't believe my luck. 

I got to bring a guest, so I invited my girl Kateri along. As soon as we entered the event, we were overwhelmed—in a good way. I have never seen so many beauty products in one place in my life!
It was a madhouse, and we hardly knew where to get started, so we headed toward the lip gloss. (I've been wearing clear lip balm for the past month, so I needed to check out some new colors!)
There were lots of beauty experts at the event giving women manicures, hair consultations and makeup tips, but the most interesting thing I saw was this:

This woman was getting eyelash extensions. I didn't stick around to find out exactly how it was being done because I'm very squeamish, and it looked a bit uncomfortable to me. Next stop: Alcohol!
We came across this beer tasting presentation that paired different beers with party foods. The idea was to prove that beer can go well with anything—not just pizza and fries. My favorite combo was the Hoegaarden and apple tart.  

The last stop of the night was to collect our goodie bags! Kateri and I wanted to rip right into them, but we refrained.
As soon as I got home, I sprawled out on the floor and dumped everything out. I felt like a kid going through my bag of candy on Halloween, except there was no trading or giving away going on here.
Razors, deodorant, teeth whitening kits, moisturizer, body spray—I won't have to go to the drugstore for months! SCORE! This was definitely more exciting than the time I got FREE soup (although that was a pretty awesome moment in its own special way). 

What are your favorite drugstore products? (Mine are Maybelline Great Lash mascara and Cetaphil face wash). And when was the last time you got a really great deal—or better yet, something for FREE?

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  1. ohhh that seemed like such a fun event! free make-up!!! how cool is that?! lol i feel envious hahaha.. pretty intrigued about the lash extensions though ^_^