Sunday, October 18, 2009

Want guys to hit on you? Wear a funny hat.

So I read an online dating article one time that said that interesting pieces of clothing or accessories, like a vintage pin or colorful scarf, are good conversation-starters. I thought that seemed a bit silly—until now. 

Joyann had a party on her patio on Saturday, and since it was freezing out, Liza took me up to her closet to get some warmer gear to wear. Out of all of the fabulous things in Joyann's closet, I came up with this crazy hat. Scratch that—badass hat. 

As soon as I came downstairs with it on, I felt like every guy there wanted to talk to me and make a comment about the hat. (I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the attention just a little bit). However, the hat garnered some negative attention as well. In the midst of everyone talking to me, I caught eyes with two skanks wearing skin-tight tube tops from Express whispering and pointing in my direction. So I just stared at them to let them know they had been busted. They didn't care. They stared back and kept talking and rolling their eyes. I kept staring until they finally turned around. It was like a staring showdown—I won.  Ladies, jealousy is not attractive. 

But I guess this also proves the point I made in this post that guys in NYC kinda suck. I mean, there were tons of pretty, stylish, single girls at the party, yet the guys were talking to the weird girl with the big pom pom on top of her head. Oh guys

So tell: Have you ever received tons of attention for something you were wearing? Would you ever wear a hat like this? (Of course you would). 


  1. Do all girls carry this obsession of obsessing about who guys talk to?

  2. Hey Flip...good point. Probably NOT. I just thought it was interesting because I felt really silly in that hat!

  3. Funny, I wouldn't chase you down because you were wearing that hat. Maybe if you also seemed to be fun and having a good time in the hat. What if it was more of a costume and it let you be yourself since you felt silly in it? It also shows confidence to be wearing something that causes people to stare. That's almost always a good thing. On a side note, I did meet the love of my life while she was wearing shiny black pleather pants! So there might be something to it. Sorry babe, I outed you. ;)

  4. Another thing to think about, most guys don't like snooty girls. A girl walking around in that hat surely has a good story and personality, i'd start there too.

  5. True, Flip. However, some guys DO like kinda bitchy girls..I've seen it. I've never understood that, but maybe the guys are insecure and it makes them feel like they have a "catch?" I dunno.