Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo Shoot Friday: Hot Clothes and FREE Bikinis

Wednesday I went to a preview party for Roxy's Spring 2010 line. The verdict? So so SO cute!!! I love that relaxed surfer-girl style. And actually, the line has really branched out in the last year, so there is definitely something for everyone no matter what look you're rockin'.

Check out this gray denim vest and straw fedora. I'm digging the combo. If I could wear an effortlessly-cool outfit like this all the time, I totally would. (And it kind of looks like something Rihanna would wear, no?)

Ok so whoever styled the clothes for the event is a genius and deserves a raise immediately. (Wink, wink Linds). Feminine dress+army green jacket= perfection.

This is my friend, Lindsay—she does PR for Roxy. Bless her heart, she's been sweet enough to invite me to all her fun parties even though I'm a magazine nomad at the moment. (Like her scarf? It's by Roxy!)

How cool is this purse? And versatile—I can't think of many things in my closet I couldn't wear it with. (P.S. For some reason I've always wanted a reason to wear a bright pair of headphones around my neck. Just call me DJ Elle.)

Beaded gladiator sandals—adorable! Isn't it funny that we're looking at all of these fun spring pieces and it's 50 degrees outside? That's the interesting (and sometimes challenging) thing about being an editor—the time of year never corresponds with what you're working on because everything has to be done months in advance.

Something I always need (or should I say want) more of: HOODIES!!! This one looks so comfy.

Ok, so the highlight of my night—besides seeing Lindsay and the kickass clothes, of course—was getting to pick out my own bikini. Yes, people, a FREE Roxy bikini! I picked the purple ruffle top with the teal bottoms—way cute! I think this is the best complimentary item I've received—ever. (Actually, sorry, second best. Thea just hooked me up with a pair of New Balance sneaks. Goodbye plantar faciitis!)

Wow, what a good night. If you don't have a Roxy store near you, check it out online at!

OK, so semi-random question: How many of you are online shoppers? (I've only done it once my entire life—a $15 pair of Old Navy wedges). And which Roxy piece do you like best? Come Spring, that gray denim vest and straw fedora will be MINE!


  1. OMG- sooo jealous! I adore Roxy! If you are ever at the Jersey Shore (Manasquan represent!) check out Inlet Outlet for sweet surfer style. I'm loving the army green jacket with floral dress but that may just be because just dropped 80 bucks on an army green hollister jacket and am looking for ways to justify the purpose. Wearing it past fall is definitely legit! Love your choice of bikini!

  2. I also LOVE the Army jacket! It's outfits like that that make me wish I lived on the West Coast and could at least wear them now! You're so lucky to attend such fab such thing here in Steel Town. Happy Friday!

  3. I am more of a "banana" kind of gal (preppy stuff that you can wear to the office or to dinner), but I really like the jacket and floral dress combo. I think it looks sweet, but not sacrine.
    I do shop online - is a favorite of mine. The have free overnight shipping for most shoes.


  4. i will not discuss my lack of style. again. but i will say i love shopping online, but i am not great at it. i buy things that i don't need because they look cute and then they don't work and i forget to return them. so i am trying to only buy things i KNOW will work, like bras/undies/tanks on victora's secret website.

    ideeli is a GREAT site-they email you daily with huge sales. I just got a free people rugby striped hoodie for $35 (normally $90). they have a lot of stuff that i am not interested in, but everything is designer and a GREAT deal.

  5. Looks like everyone is loving the dress and army jacket outfit--me too! And thanks for the online tips, guys, I'm so clueless about that stuff!!!

    And Twentyfifth, if you're ever in NYC, I'll see what I can do about getting you to one of those fun events ;)