Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who's your favorite cover girl?

I can't afford to buy tons of magazines every month like I used to, so I was psyched when Liza brought home the November issue of Vogue. I can't say that I read Vogue cover to cover (or even much at all), but I do like looking at the fashion spreads. And look at this cover—how beautiful is that?

The cover girls: Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson got together to promote their upcoming movie, Nine. Out of the four women, I like Penelope best. She's talented, drama-free and crazy-gorgeous. (Muy caliente, mama!) I like Marion Cotillard too—she was good in Public Enemies, and she's got that cool Old Hollywood Glamour thing going on. Kate Hudson is a hard person not to like, but I'm curious to see how she does in this musical. It will be quiet a change of pace from Bride Wars, I'm sure. And I really don't know what to say about Nicole Kidman. She's kinda bleh to me. She does have amazing skin, I'll give her that. However, I'm pretty sure that if I bitch-slapped her hard across the face, she wouldn't even feel it. (Have you ever seen her face move?)

Daniel Day Lewis is the main male character in the movie who has relationships with all four women--one is his agent, mistress, muse and wife. If I had to guess, I'd say that Kate plays the agent, Marion the mistress, Penelope the muse and Nicole the wife.

What would your guesses be? And which actress do you like best and WHY??


  1. I absolutely adore Kate Hudson. Despite the drama, I was really surprised when she and her husband divorced. It seemed like an actual good Hollywood marriage. Obviously not!

    I'd pick the same for each role..and by the way, is it just me or do they all look kind of plastic-y here? Any chance it was Annie Leibovitz was the photographer? (I don't read Vogue either - I feel like it's a bit too haughty for me.)

  2. Kate is adorable. Her recent choices in men are a little unfortunate, but I guess a girl's gotta have fun!

    Yes, Annie Leibovitz was the photog on this shoot--good spot! Did you happen to see the movie, September Issue? If you're into mags (not necessarily fashion), you should see it. It's pretty cool to see Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington in action. Grace is a genuis and totally hilarious! OK, sorry for the random rant!

  3. From here(is this just me?) Nicole Kidman looks all kinds of f'ed up. I mean hot mess. What happened to the cute girl she used to be?

    I'm digging Penalope. The rest of the poses/outfit choices are not flattering and are slightly unfortunate.

    Love Kate Hudson...but is she a bit like the crazy girl she bases her How to lose a Guy in Ten Days article on? She seems attached at the hip to guys the MINUTE she meets them!

  4. No, it's not just you, LIS, Nicole totally looks like plastic. Too much surgery!!