Friday, October 30, 2009

My Halloween Costume: Revealed!

Made ya look! You didn't really think I was going to show you yet, did you? C'mon. I might post a Twitter pic up around 8pm tomorrow if you're lucky, but we'll see about that. I will give away a little part of my costume though--these glasses. I've been wanting these for quite some time now, so when I walked by American Apparel and saw that all they were having a 50% off Halloween sale on all specs in the store, I just had to get them.

Any guesses on what I'm going to be? I kind of look like a mad scientist or something. I guess this is my I'm-so-excited-Halloween-is-tomorrow face. Actually, I don't know how excited I am really. Halloween is kinda like New Years--you get all psyched up for it, and more times than not, it lets you down. Oh well, I have a good feeling about Halloween this year though. I still need to finish putting my outfit together, but if all goes as planned, it should turn out pretty sweet.

Speaking of sweet, who gobbled up some treats at work today? I did, but I didn't go crazy. When I walked into work at 9am, there was already a smorgasbord of desserts out in the kitchen area--cookies with super-thick icing, cupcakes, a chocolate chip cookie sheet cake, doughnuts, candy and an assortment of pies--it was bananas! I avoided this "danger zone" until my stomach started grumbling at 2pm. I didn't bring my lunch and I was too busy to grab something, so I ate this cupcake. Eating something with absolutely no nutritional value sounds kinda pointless to me now, but boy did it taste good at the time. Plus, it came with a spider ring on top!

On my way home from work I stopped by Rite Aid to get some toilet paper and a bag of "Autumn Mix"--it's my favorite. I devoured a few too many handfuls, but in the spirit of Halloween, I think it's OK.

Tell me: What was your favorite Halloween candy when you were a kid. (Mine was Nerds and Kit-Kats). And are you ready for tomorrow?!?

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