Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's your alter ego?

I was recently catching up on the Housewives of Atlanta reruns (love that show!), and saw the episode where Nene produces an alter ego photo shoot with the rest of the ladies. She wanted Kim to be a black woman trapped in a white woman's body, but Kim wasn't having it. Instead, she was a mistress. (Apparently she doesn't understand the concept of alter ego. It's not supposed to be so relative to your REAL life, Kim!)

Nene, I would have owned that shit if you had asked me. I'm half Greek, half Gangsta'. I've been listening to rap music since the age of...I'm not sure...but I started way too young. I remember listening to Too Short at swim meets to get pumped up before my races. I didn't understand half the things he was saying (like, I could not for the life of me figure out why he spelled out h-e-a-d at the beginning of his song "Cocktails." You should have seen my face several years later when I learned what it meant!), but I loved the beats and overall sound. I went through a No Limit phase, a Cash Money phase, and as you know from this post, an Eminem phase. Currently, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and T.I. are my favorites. Whenever I hear rap music, something inside of me just gets really excited.

Sadly, I'm not as knowlegedable about it as I used to be. I just don't have the time to keep up with it. Plus, I feel like every time I turn on BET to attempt to catch up on the newest rappers and songs, it's either gospel hour or The Parkers are on. Not cool. Even so, I'd say my alter ego is "Ghetto Fabulous." I have it in me, I just need to discover it again.

What about you: What's your alter ego??


  1. i LOVE ghetto fabulous ellen! i can't tell you how many pics i had of us making that same face at mixers. anytime i wanted to dance i thought of you! speaking of, if you ever want to go dancing, count me in!

    i have no idea what my alter ego would be....

  2. Good question?! I saw this Housewives episode and it was pretty neat.

    I think my alter ego may be "Teeny Bopper Pop Star." I loved young Britney. Will I ever get too old to like pop music?! I hope not :)

  3. Ohh good one, Becca! I guess I should be "Ghetto Teeny Bopper" actually...'cause you know I love me some Miley and Taylor Swift!!

    MA, I remember those pics we took...I'm sure there are a million of me with my middle finger up too. I went through a major phase. And yes, we need to go out soon...I'll be in touch!!

  4. I loved Digital Underground growing up and later Notorious B.I.G., Onyx and Tupac. And when I first moved to NYC I frequented Club Cheetah every Thursday night to dance and see most of my idols hang out in the booths: DJ Muggs, Shock G, Big Pun, Puffy and err...Mariah Carey (I believe she was stalking Derek Jeter at the time) to name a few. The coolest night ever was when Janet Jackson's back up dancers had a "dance off" with LL Cool J's back up dancers on the main floor.

    "I'm a B-boy standing in my B-boy stance hurry up and gimme the microphone..." So I guess my alter ego would be B-Girl Rain? Ha.

  5. I have been listening to hip-hop so long, and so many people know that i'm not sure it could be an alter ego, for me.

    My love of mountain dew has also been a near life-mate and would have to say my alter ego would be some sort of MD hero that would rid the world of whack-ass-rappers, the taboo of red beards for people that don't have red hair, and create a product that is so ridiculously awesome that it forces Apple and their Itunes/Iphone/Ipod out of business.

    Something like this guy.

  6. B-Girl Rain, I LOVE IT!!! We are totally soul sisters! I wish you still lived in NYC so we could hit up BOB together. (The best place to go for nonstop hip-hop music, although it doesn't sound nearly as cool as Club Cheetah).

    Haha, Flip, you are too funny. That guy DOES look pretty badass :)

  7. i have a (not so) secret desire to be a video girl. or a b-girl. i also wish i could beat box. but i can't even whistle!!

  8. Ellen you're hilarious! Half Greek, half gangsta....ha. Well my alter ego is either a very prim and proper 50 something white lady socialite or a totally sassy black grandma. What can I say? I'm quite the contrast.