Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What are your thoughts on Botox?

I'm going to be 29 years-old in less than two months, and I feel like I discover a fresh, new wrinkle every time I look in the mirror. Especially on my forehead. I haven't been to the tanning bed in about five years; I wear 30-50 SPF during the summer; I moisturize twice a day (usually) and I drink a TON of water. So what gives? Elasticity, apparently.

Wow, you know you love this sexy picture of me, showcasing my forehead wrinkles and my big ol' Grecian snoze. Anyway, the older I get, the more I think about Botox. Honestly, as much as I'd love for my forehead to look as smooth as my ass cheeks, I just don't know if I can do it. I do think there is something to be said for aging gracefully. (Gracefully being the operative word). Plus, I am terrified of needles. Ahhh. But, I have a lot of friends that have declared that they will, without a doubt get Botox--maybe even as early as 30. And that's cool, too. Do your thang, girlfriends!
It's too early for me to say for sure what I will do. Ask me again in eight years and I may be preachin' a whole different story. For now though, I'll stick to my Kiehl's and hope it does the job!

Another issue I foresee being a biiig problem when I get older: BATWINGS! Oh my goodness, don't even get me started. Well, I already did my share of bitching about it here.

So girls: What are your thoughts on Botox? Would you ever do it? And guys: Is Botox a do or don't for girls as they get older?


  1. i do NOT see wrinkles on your beautiful forehead! but i know what you mean-especially looking at pictures from even just 2 years ago, i can tell a difference in my skin. i blame the environment.

    i am not ready for botox yet-i am still going to give products and maybe a couple facials a chance to tighten things up, but i am definitely NOT opposed.

  2. Ellen, that's the worst picture of wrinkles I have ever seen. I have a line between my eyes that seems to get deeper everyday!
    And I am one of the friends who will be in line for Botox at 30! I guess I should do some more research on it since I don't know much about it or how much it will cost me, but I am not opposed to a little tightening periodically if the benefits and cost are worth it :)

  3. Sorry, that's me (Becca) I must have been signed in under the HC reunion account :)

  4. I'm a fan of never say never! Nothing will reverse the damage of my failed attempts to tan my Irish skin. Ha ha! And, I read an article that said starting botox young can help slow the formation of wrinkles. Something about freezing your face stops you from scrunching up those problem stops. An interest, but somewhat disturbing theory. :-)

    P.S. You have amazing skin!

  5. Thanks, ladies! You are too kind. I do have a bit of a foggy camera, so I think this is the one time it worked in my favor :)
    MA and Alison, I agree...never say never. I really WANT to say never, but I cannot make that serious commitment. It all depends on how quickly things go downhill, and I have no way of predicting that!! And Al, that's interesting...I really think my wrinkles mostly come from all the facial expressions I make. People always tell me my face is very expressive.

    Becca, I got all excited there for a second because I thought a dude named Henry was commenting on my BOTOX post, haha! Yeah, a little tightening here and there couldn't hurt. I know women who get it done like every 4-6 months, which isn't very much maintenance. What are Ryan's thoughts on Botox?? PS. I haven't noticed that crease in between your eyes!!

  6. I think Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, would be okay with Botox. I mean - he dueled and stuff.
    Better living through chemistry - do what makes you feel good, but do your research/talk to your doctor first.

  7. i couldn't be more against botox

  8. I'm anti-botox. I wear sunglasses every day, even in the winter -- it slows the crow's feet. But if the wrinkles come, I'm not paying to pump them full of botulism :)

    And you do not have wrinkles.